Welcome to TWS

Letter from the CEO

Congratulations on taking the first step toward your exciting new career! TWS was founded in 1949 by two welders who had a vision to create an educational institution to fulfill the growing needs of the industry. It is our pleasure to continue their legacy today, with high-quality hands-on training in welding, electro-mechanical technologies and more.

Together, we are proud to lead the TWS teams in Tulsa, Jacksonville, and Houston, and look forward to helping you discover the many career options our programs can prepare you for. We have a diverse population of men and women on all campuses, where the partnership between our staff and students is strong. We strive to provide assistance to every student, every step of the way on the bridge from here to your new career. All of our campuses employ instructors who are industry professionals, passing along real-world knowledge from the fields they teach. When our students commit to a future in one of the areas we teach, there’s no end to the opportunity they could find.

So on behalf of all of the men and women who work, teach and learn at all of the Tulsa Welding School Campuses, welcome! Our number one goal is to see to your success, and we invite you to contact the campus that’s right for you to learn more about training at TWS and the support we can offer on your way to a new career. We look forward to providing you with a rewarding experience that leads to a lifelong career you can be proud of.

Mary Kelly, CEO