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Military Friendly School

Military Service Is the Toughest Thing You Could Do for Your Country. We’ll Make Sure Getting Money for Trade School Is Possible.

Across all of TWS’ campuses, a total of 486 students applied their military benefits to vocational training during the 2016-2017 school yeari

What Are Military Education Benefits?

In return for your service to America, you and your family could qualify for military education benefits. We explain what those are below.

GI Bill®

The GI Bill® is funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs to help service members and veterans cover tuition and other costs related to going to trade school. There are multiple programs under the GI Bill®. Eligibility requirements and funding amounts vary across programsii

Military Tuition Pricing

Special tuition rates may be available to service members, veterans and their families. Check with your local campus for eligibility. Learn more about GI Bill® Programs and Military Tuition Pricing. Call us at 855-237-7711.

Our Financial Aid Advisors are here to help you apply for military education benefits. We’ll assist in requesting your Certificate of Eligibility and explain how to put your benefits to work for you.


We’re Committed to Helping You Transition from Combat to Career

You protected our country, and now it’s our turn to serve you. We’re a military friendly school dedicated to supporting service members, veterans and their families. Our team offers full support with the transition back to civilian life. We help with funding for your training, and our Career Services department helps you successfully reenter the workforce with your new skills.

Who Is Eligible for Military Education Benefits?

Do you and your family qualify for military education benefits? Below are some examples of who could be eligible:

  • Active Duty
  • Reserves
  • National Guard Members
  • Active Duty Spouses
  • Dependent Children of Active Duty Service Members
  • Military Retirees
  • Honorably Discharged Veterans

More Ways Military Members, Veterans and Their Families Can Fund Training

On top of military education benefits, you and your family could qualify for other sources of funding for your investment in trade school.

Military Grants

Military grants help service members, veterans and their families pay for trainingiii.

Military Scholarships

Similar to grants, military scholarships are money for school that do not have to be paid backiv.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is money to help pay for trade school. Some forms of financial aid do not have to be repaid. These include grants and scholarships. Others do. For example, student loans are money that must be paid back with interestv.

Learn more about Financial Aid.

We’re Here to Serve You

You served us. Now let us serve you. Call us to get started on funding your investment in vocational training for a new career.

Contact us online to request more info or call the number below. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

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