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Our hands-on programs are designed so upon successful completion, graduates have access to a variety of career opportunities.

At Tulsa Welding School (TWS), we have been training high school graduates since the day we opened our doors in 1949. We take seriously your student’s quality of education, housing, affording tuition, career opportunities and safety.

It is as important to us as it is to you that TWS is the right fit for your student’s education, training and future career goals. Check out the guide below to help you make the right decision about your child’s future.

We are here to support students and their families. Contact us at: (855) 232-0586

Tulsa Welding School: Over 75 Years of Training the Next Generation of Skilled Tradespeople

Since its founding in 1949, TWS has evolved into the largest welding school in the nation*, preparing students for various careers in the skilled trades like welding, HVAC, refrigeration and electrical. TWS has four campuses in four different locations in the US:

The Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa Welding School
2545 East 11th Street Tulsa, OK 74104

Tulsa Welding School, Jacksonville Campus

Tulsa Welding School, Jacksonville Campus
3500 Southside Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center

Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center
243A Greens Rd.
Houston, TX 77060

Tulsa Welding School in Dallas Metro

Tulsa Welding School Dallas Metro (Irving, TX)
700 E. Airport Freeway
Irving, TX 75062

TWS Is a Safe Learning Environment

Safety has always been one of our top concerns at TWS. All students and faculty are expected to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while on the campus. All clothing must be appropriate for both the welding and HVAC/R laboratories: Long pants, leather boots and long-sleeve shirts are the expectation at TWS. We also maintain a safe and clean environment on our campus to promote a healthy environment and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. All 3 TWS campuses have staggered schedules, keeping a minimum of students on the campus at a given time while still ensuring each student can complete their entire training program. TWS practices social distancing, regularly cleans surfaces, and makes hand sanitizer readily available.

Our students look out for each other. TWS has a student ambassador program, who students can ask for extra help whenever they need it.

Expert Welding, HVAC/R and Electrical Instructors With Years of Experience

With over 1,000 years of combined industry experience†, our instructors use all of their knowledge to train students in the fundamentals of their program. No matter their age or experience, your child will receive in-depth instruction to prepare them for real-world industry job opportunities.Our instructors will provide personalized one-on-one instruction for each student.

It is not necessary that your child has any prior experience in their trade. Our instructors will assess and work with each student to align to their specific needs. TWS instructors begin teaching each training program as if the students have never even touched a tool before.

We are committed to the success of your student. Students can often arrange to stay after class to get additional help and guidance from instructors or work with tutors.

We encourage you to speak to our faculty in person and see for yourself. Contact us to schedule a tour or join us for an upcoming open house.

TWS/Tulsa Welding School faculty has over 1,000 years of combined experience in the welding industry as of March/April 2024.

Welding, HVAC/R and Electrical Are Great Careers for Your Son or Daughter

Older tradespeople are retiring, leaving openings for the next generation. For example, the American Welding Society predicts a shortage of 400,000 welders by 2024.

Opportunity Meets Demand

The skilled trades hold a bright future of opportunity for anyone who wants to join them. Here’s how much employment is expected to grow by 2032 in each field:

Welding: 42,600i
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R): 37,700ii
Electrician: 73,500iii
Electrical Lineworker: 9,700iiii

Welding, HVAC/R and electrical are diverse fields with many different career opportunities.


  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Automotive Shops
  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction
  • The Military
  • Steamfitting
  • Manufacturing
  • Boilermaking

HVAC and Refrigeration:

  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Commercial Refrigeration Installer
  • HVAC/R Service Technician
  • HVAC/R Installation Technician
  • Refrigeration Service Technician


  • Residential Electrician
  • Commercial Electrician
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Maintenance Electrician

Electrical Lineworker: 

  • Climbing in Elevated Work Site (Pole Climbing)
  • Overhead Construction
  • Underground Construction
  • System Design and Operation
  • National Electric Safety Code
  • AC and DC Circuits, and Electric Power

Career Services Finds Job Opportunities for Your Student After Graduation

Our Career Services team has relationships with employers all over the country. They look for job opportunities for each graduate, and they will even help your student connect with employers, write a resume and prepare for interviews.

We partner with companies that need the next generation of skilled tradespeople to fill their open jobs. Here is what some of our employer partnerships say about hiring TWS graduates:

"I like that TWS is very open to feedback on how it can improve. They want to meet with employers, to find out what we need their graduates to learn. That’s something that I really enjoy. They are always STEG-1167 looking to improve, to meet employers’ needs. They are very forward-thinking, bending to what the industry requires rather than sticking to a curriculum and simply pushing out graduates."

- Melina Anderson, Sabre Industries

"Tulsa Welding School is the only welding school we use for finding welders. Other than that, we use job boards for our sourcing. We attend the school’s career fairs regularly. We do conferences. We are open to anything that will get us qualified candidates in the door. Our career fairs at the Houston campus are often very successful."
- Brenda Aleman, LK Jordan & Associates

"TWS graduates take pride in their work; they get on well with others, they want to learn more, and they are driven to be successful."
- Mark Joseph, TD Industries

TWS Provides an Affordable and Efficient Option for Post-Secondary Education

Just as our students are unique, so are their educational pathways. While a 4 or 2 year degree might be the right path for some, career based education might be the right choice for others. At TWS, our students can graduate in only 7 months and be prepared for professional careers in welding, HVAC, refrigeration and Electrical. It saves time and money!

Not all programs are available at all campuses or for all states. Program availability varies by state and location. Contact your campus to determine program availability.

TWS Training Program Length

  • Professional Welder: 7 months
  • Associate of Occupational Studies in Welding Technology: 14 months
  • Welding Specialist with Pipefitting: 9.5 months
  • Electro-Mechanical Technologies: 9 months
  • Refrigeration Technologies: 7 months
  • Electrical Applications: 7 months
  • Electrical Lineworker: 3.5 months

Not all programs are available at all campuses or for all states. Program availability varies by state and location. Contact your campus to determine program availability

Investing in your Student’s Education and Future

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. We highly recommend that you contact our Financial Aid Department to help you determine how your child can pay for tuition. There are many ways to explore financial support for your student’s training consisting of: Scholarships, Grants and financial aid (parent/student loans):


High School Welding Competition: Win a Free Full Tuition Scholarship

This yearly competition is your child’s opportunity not just to show off their welding skills, but also to win tuition scholarships to attend TWS. Last year over $245,000 in scholarships and prizes were awarded. Learn more about student loans.

federal grants

Over $7 million in scholarships available!

TWS offers scholarships for high school seniors, women, out-of-state-students, military veterans and many more. Your child might be eligible for one of these.
Learn more about scholarships

Available scholarship amounts are estimated for the period of 1/1/2022 through 12/31/2022 for the Tulsa, Jacksonville & Houston campuses combined.

TWS Supplies Everything Your Child Needs to Be Successful

Every TWS student receives a gear package that contains all the tools they need for their training program. Your student will also receive a tablet to complete their assignments

TWS Helps Students With Housing and Finding Part-Time Jobs

Is your child from out of state? We’ll help them ease into a new living situation while they’re a TWS student. Our Student Services team will work with you and your child to locate housing near the campus and finding a part-time job if they need one during school. We partner with Edurent to help students find affordable housing.

Learn more about Edurent.

More information for Distance Students

An Environment Where Your Child Can Learn, Grow and Thrive

As a TWS student, your child will have no shortage of places to go, things to do and foods to eat. All three TWS campuses are located in cities rich in culture and fun. Check out our guides below to get a glimpse into where your child will be living:

An Accredited School You Can Trust

All three TWS campuses are accredited schools by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

  • Tulsa, OK

    Licensed by:

    Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education Approved and regulated by:
    Texas Workforce Commission
    Career Schools and Colleges
    Austin, Texas

    Registered with:
    Nebraska Department of Education
    State of Wyoming Department of Education

    Member of:
    The American Society for Nondestructive Testing
    Oklahoma Private School Association
    Tulsa Chamber of Commerce

    This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.

  • Jacksonville, FL

    Accredited in Indiana by OCTS. This institution is regulated by: Office for Career and Technical Schools, 10 N. Senate Ave, Room SE 308, Indianapolis, IN 46204; Office for Career and Technical Schools Website.

    Licensed by:
    Florida Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, License #2331
    Additional information regarding this institution may be obtained by contacting the Commission at:

    325 West Gaines St., Suite 1414,
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
    Toll-free telephone number (888) 224-6684

    Commission for Independent Education Page

    Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education

    Member of:
    Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
    Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges
    Registered with Mississippi Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration
    Licensed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education,
    1122 Lady Street, Suite 300, Columbia, SC 29201, Telephone number (803) 737-2260, Website.

    Licensure indicates only that minimum standards have been met; it is not an endorsement or guarantee
    of quality. Licensure is not equivalent to or synonymous with accreditation by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

    The Tulsa Welding School is authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.
    This authorization must be renewed each year and is based on an evaluation by minimum standards concerning quality of education, ethical business practices, health and safety, and fiscal responsibility.
    1750 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32216 is recognized by ACCSC as a Satellite location of TWS- Jacksonville.

    This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.

  • Houston, TX

    Approved and regulated by: Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges Austin, Texas

    Licensed by:
    Louisiana Board of Regent

  • Dallas Metro (Irving, TX)

    Approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission Career School and Colleges Section 101 E. 15th Street, Austin, Texas

    Licensed by:
    Louisiana Board of Regent

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