We’re Doing Our Part to Close the Skills Gap

Did you know American manufacturing, construction and engineering sectors are facing a skilled labor shortage? Baby Boomers are retiring from skilled trades jobs, and younger generations aren’t replacing them quickly enough.

Skilled trades training is key to closing the skills gap, and we’re doing our part to make sure students have the funding they need to attend TWS.i

Check out scholarships specifically for TWS students below.

Scholarships Just for TWS Students

  • Women in the Skilled Trades Scholarship Program
  • High School Senior Weld-to-Win Competition
    • Each year, TWS holds a welding competition for high school seniors from across the country. Aspiring professional welders can showcase their skills and win tuition scholarships to TWS.
    • Get the details on the TWS High School Senior Weld-to-Win Scholarship.
  • StrataTech Ace Mentor Scholarship Program
    • This need-based scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible students with demonstrated financial need. Financial need is based upon the difference between available resources and funding eligibility relative to the direct educational program costs. All prospective/enrolled students meeting the stated criteria will be eligible for consideration. The criteria have been designed to give the Scholarship Selection Committee maximum flexibility in awarding the scholarship. Recipients will be selected without regard to race, sex, color, creed, religious preference, age, national origin, or disability.
    • Learn more about the StrataTech Ace Mentor Scholarship Program.
  • StrataTech Education Group Scholarships
    • StrataTech Education Group, the parent company of Tulsa Welding School, specializes in the operation of schools for skilled trades training.ii The organization offers several scholarships to help TWS students fund their skilled trades training.
    • Learn more about scholarships available from StrataTech Education Group.

Need Help Applying for Scholarships? Call Us

TWS’ Financial Aid Advisors are here to help you through the process of applying for and receiving scholarships. We can walk you through filling out the forms and provide necessary documents. Call us today.

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