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The Welding Specialist with Pipefitting program prepares students to pursue welding career opportunities in the field. With our experienced instructors by your side, you’ll learn the fundamentals of these important welding styles:

• Structural welding
• Basic and advanced pipefitting
• Thin alloy welding
• Steamfitting

Completing this program equips students with not only a diploma, but also the skills necessary to test for welder certification through the American Welding Society (AWS).

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The Welding Specialist with Pipefitting Program can be completed in as little as 9 ½ months. 4 out of 5 days of the week, students will be immersed in hands-on welding training with our instructors, with just one day a week in the classroom.

Need help with a schedule that fits your situation? No problem. Morning, afternoon and evening classes are available.

We offer over 75% hands-on instruction from experienced professionals with only 1 day a week in the classroom, and flexible scheduling with morning, afternoon, and evening classes available.

Featured welding techniques:

• High Frequency TIG
• Fluxcore

Career opportunities:

• Structural welding
• Pipe welding
• Aircraft welding
• Thin Alloy welding
• Pipeline welding

Employment is Expected to Grow for Pipefitters in the US by 42,600 Jobs by 2032!i

Flexible Class Schedules

Class schedules range from morning, afternoon and evening, depending on the program and campus location. TWS offers flexible schedules whether you are just graduating from high school, changing your career, or transitioning from military to civilian life. We work hard to find the right program and the right schedule to help you succeed. Contact us for more information on upcoming class times and start dates for the Welding Specialist with Pipefitting program.

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Upcoming Class Start Dates

Welding Classes StartHouston, TX & Jacksonville, FL06/03/2024
Welding Classes StartHouston, TX & Jacksonville, FL07/08/2024

Class Schedules

Morning (M-F) Afternoon (M-F) Evening (M-F)
7:00am-12:15pm 12:45pm-6:00pm 6:30pm-11:45pm

Weekend Schedule

Tue/Thu (Classroom) Sat/Sun (Lab Days)
6:30pm-9:00pm 8:00am-6:00pm
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ALL New Welding Students Get an Oculus Quest 2 loaded with OcuWeld Training Software!

TWS is excited to launch OcuWeld utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance your welding training. OcuWeld is a new and innovative Virtual Reality (VR) welding simulator designed by expert welding instructors for our welding students.

You can access OcuWeld anytime, anywhere – with or without WIFI. It enables you to practice your welding skills as part of our program here at TWS and the Oculus Quest 2 is yours to keep!

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Program Courses

Welding Fundamentals

Train in the fundamentals of welding and begin learning the critical skills you’ll need for a welding career. Learn plasma cutting and carbon arc gouging procedures, arc welding processes, the basic layout of construction drawings and how to correctly read and interpret welding symbols. Learn how set up welding equipment, the components of an arc welding machine, and the various types of electrodes used in arc welding procedures. Using an E7018 electrode, students will also practice basic SMAW welding processes and techniques.


  • 4 Semester Credit Hours
  • 25 Lecture Hours
  • 100 Lab Hours
  • 125 Total Contact Hours
  • 2 Outside Prep Hours

GMAW/FCAW Processes

In this course, students learn how to set up and operate GMAW/FCAW welding equipment, as well as how to prepare pipe for GMAW/FCAW welding processes. GMAW, or MIG, uses a torch designed to provide a shielding gas for the weld and an automatic wire feed system that provides a constant feed of the filler metal. FCAW, or Fluxcore, uses a similar torch but uses a powdered flux to shield the weld. Students learn about isometric drawings and their importance as a three- dimensional picture of an object.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): WLD101, WLD110, WLD115, WLD120
  • 4 Semester Credit Hours
  • 25 Lecture Hours
  • 100 Lab Hours
  • 125 Total Contact Hours
  • 4 Outside Prep Hours

Structural Welding

The Structural Welding course introduces students to a number of different critical things:

  • Basic destructive weld testing techniques
  • The importance of quality welds to achieve maximum strength and integrity of the metal
  • Basic principles of metallurgy
  • Welding pipe

Students expand their knowledge about welding diagrams, drawings and the methods of coding various types of metal. Students will also learn the procedures for root pass, fill welds and SMAW processes.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): WLD101
  • 4.5 Semester Credit Hours
  • 25 Lecture Hours
  • 100 Lab Hours
  • 125 Total Contact Hours
  • 7 Outside Prep Hours

Basic Pipe Welding

This course trains students in the fundamentals of basic pipe welding with two critical welding processes: SMAW and GTAW.

For GTAW welding, students practice with basic root welding on pipe coupons.

In Basic Pipe Welding, students practice uphill and other welding techniques simultaneously. They practice welding in multiple positions as they travel around the pipe to complete the weld.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): WLD101, WLD110
  • 4 Semester Credit Hours
  • 25 Lecture Hours
  • 100 Lab Hours
  • 125 Total Contact Hours
  • 4 Outside Prep Hours

Advanced Pipe Welding

Students continue to practice their pipe welding skills, using the GTAW process to weld the root and complete the fill and cap portion of the weld using SMAW processes. Students also learn how to set up and safely operate portable welding units for structural and pipe welding operations, rig and balance pipe loads, use hand signal communication, and lift and place pipe in preparation for welding operations.

Electrical safety guidelines and the steps to prevent electrical shock are also taught.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): WLD101, WLD110, WLD115
  • 4 Semester Credit Hours
  • 25 Lecture Hours
  • 100 Lab Hours
  • 125 Total Contact Hours
  • 4 Outside Prep Hours

Welding Capstone

The Welding Capstone course challenges students to apply the skills they learned in previous courses, preparing them to transition from the classroom to the field.

During this course, students learn how to prepare resumes, practice for interviews, learn proper work habits and appearances and complete employment applications.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): WLD101, WLD105, WLD110, WLD115, WLD120
  • 4.5 Semester Credit Hours
  • 25 Lecture Hours
  • 100 Lab Hours
  • 125 Total Contact Hours
  • 7 Outside Prep Hours

Introductory Pipefitting Skills

This course introduces essential safety topics and areas such as personal protective equipment (PPE), HazCom, jobsite hazards, and the roles of employees and companies and their obligations to maintain safe work environments. It discusses mathematics pertinent to the construction industry, the proper use and maintenance
of various pipefitting hand and power tools, and gives an overview of blueprints and drawing interpretation. This course also discusses the basic skills necessary to install, layout and assemble threaded joint piping systems and introduces socket weld piping system lay out and fabrication.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): WLD101, WLD105, WLD110, WLD115, WLD120, WLD125
  • 5 Semester Credit Hours
  • 82.5 Lecture Hours
  • 42.5 Lab Hours
  • 125 Total Contact Hours
  • 10 Outside Prep Hours

Advanced Pipefitting

This course continues the discussion of pipe fabrication relative to socket-weld pipe fabrication methods along with the identification, selection and installation of piping support systems. In addition, this course discusses the layout, installation and fabrication of butt weld pipe and relative flange, bolt and gasket identification and installation. This course will conclude with a discussion on copper pipe bending and joining processes along with grooved pipe fabrication and installation.


  • Prerequisite Course(s): WLD101, WLD105, WLD110, WLD115, WLD120, WLD125, PFT101
  • 4.5 Semester Credit Hours
  • 42.5 Lecture Hours
  • 82.5 Lab Hours
  • 125 Total Contact Hours
  • 10 Outside Prep Hours

Sound Interesting? Contact us for more information on this course and the Welding Specialist with Pipefitting Program.

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