Are you tied to a desk all day and feel stuck? Are you a recent high school graduate who isn’t thrilled about the idea of a four year college? Do you like to work with your hands? Do you enjoy creating things and making things stronger? If so, you should check into Tulsa Welding School’s Professional Welder Program. It’s a great way to kick-start your career, and it only takes seven short months to complete.

Complete Welding Training in Only Seven Months

With our intensive Professional Welding Program available at both our Tulsa, Oklahoma and Jacksonville, Florida campuses; you’ll learn many kinds of welding and be on your way to a new career in just a few months.

We offer hands-on training in the following fields:

  • Pipe welding
  • Aircraft welding
  • Thin alloy welding
  • Structural welding
  • Pipeline welding

Tulsa Welding School provides students with more than lectures and homework. Our classes involve 80 percent hands-on training so when graduates enter the workforce, they will be ready for an entry-level position in the above-mentioned welding jobs.

Our classes include key welding processes like TIG, Fluxcore, high-frequency TIG, MIG and SMAW. The program is broken down into 10 three-week segments that give you 30 credit hours and 750 hours of actual instruction. We have convenient morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

Financial Aid and Placement Assistance Available

If the cost of education is keeping you from choosing a training program, look no further. The Financial Aid Advisors at TWS can help you obtain financial aid (for those who qualify). And once you graduate, we’ll help you put together your resume and cover letters when you’re ready to look for employment. We’ll also help you prepare for interviews. TWS is GI Bill and MyCAA eligible (check with local campus for eligibility). We support our graduates and are proud to help veterans find employment after they complete the seven-month program. We’ll even help you find housing close to campus if you are traveling to TWS from another area.

Contact Tulsa Welding School

If you are interested in training for a new career in just seven months, contact Tulsa Welding School today to find out more information about our welding programs. An admissions representative will be happy to answer your questions and get your application started today.