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Welders currently account for two out of three people working in the manufacturing industry in the United States. This is expected to hold true in the next couple of decades despite advances in automation technology resulting in more and more companies opting to automate their factories. In Oklahoma alone, there are a significant number of vacancies that require people who hold certifications or a degree in welding. In order to gain a degree in this profession one need not look far. Broken Arrow residents can benefit from the high-quality training programs at Tulsa Welding School.

Why Get A Welding Degree?

Some people think welding is the simple act of joining together of metals using a welding tool. What they overlook are the changes that modern technology has wrought in this profession. Locally, one may choose to take courses leading to an Associate’s Degree in Welding near Broken Arrow at Tulsa Welding School. Those who undergo this course learn how to use different types of machines for welding and the techniques necessary to attach materials that differ in composition properly. Some examples of the machines are the electric arc, oxyacetylene, wire feed, and gas tungsten arc. The courses will not just cover the technical skills but also include design, understanding symbols, project management, and safety protocols.

Job Prospects for Welders

Graduates of the Associate’s Degree in Welding from Tulsa Welding School are employed in various manufacturing industries, mostly in the fields of vehicle manufacturing, machinery manufacture, fabricated metal product manufacture, architectural projects, and construction. There were more than 400,000 jobs throughout the United States held by people in the welding profession in 2008. Most companies also provide learning opportunities for welders who are serious about improving their skills and upgrading their professional qualifications.

Welding is an equal opportunity profession now that more and more women are becoming aware of the opportunities. In 2006, only about six percent of the welders were women. Five years later, more than 30 percent of the workers in the manufacturing industry were women, the vast majority of them welders. Due to this, specially designed protective equipment developed with women in mind is available today.

Welding continues to be a great profession with excellent prospects for growth and job security. Broken Arrow residents will find that Tula Welding School is a great starting point for those interested in a welding career. If you are a Broken Arrow resident interested in a welding career, please contact a Tulsa Welding School representative today for more information on our comprehensive career and degree programs.

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