Welding’s Importance to the Country’s Continued Success

Welding’s Importance to the Continued Success of the United States

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America has its share of struggles, but it always seems to bounce back. It survives off a strong will, strong back, and a strong belief in what this country can do. In line with this trend, the current economic downturn is being pushed back by the manufacturing industries. The fact that seventy percent of all manufactured products are made with the skills of welders is proof of welding’s importance across the country. A recent study discussed at EconomicModeling.com found that this connection between welding and economic strength will continue to keep educated welders in high demand.

Welding is a Strong Sector of American Work Force

The phrase “Made in the USA” is not a simple marketing ploy. It is a proud statement that understands the many benefits of purchasing goods produced in this country. America is active in many markets, including automotive, electronics, aeronautics, and medical technology. All of these demand a skilled and educated workforce, particularly those with knowledge and experience in all types of welding. Tulsa Welding School understands the importance of welding in current markets and is prepared to educate, train, and produce top rated welders with quality welding classes and hands-on training.

Welding is both a science and art form. Although it is often hidden from the general public, it touches many aspects of daily life. It has transformed itself from simple connections of metal to include other materials, including polymers, ceramics, plastics, and more. Welders are not simple laborers, but technicians and scientists who are pushing the country into the future. They have created art for the 2010 Olympic Games, helped Ford stay on top, and been involved in Boeing and NASA aerospace technology. The fullness of this industry may be behind the scenes, but it keeps America nationally and internationally strong.

Welding Helping the Economy

Welding also benefits the economic state of the country. It is found in small and large shops specializing in all areas of the trade. Its knowledge finds its way into engineering and building inspections. It also has added the number of technical schools training welders. These schools are filled with experienced welders as educators and hiring more every day. All of this shows that welding offers many opportunities for the individual as well as the country.

America is built on the minds and backs of its citizens. Welders play a key role in keeping the country strong at home and abroad. Their skill is a scientific art that is absolutely necessary in creating stability and productivity that keeps this country at the top.

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