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If you are already working as a welder, or considering a change in career, you may be wondering how you can establish yourself in the business. After all, almost everyone wants the opportunity to advance to higher levels of responsibility and pay at some point in their career. There are many opportunities for promotions and raises as you gain more experience in the field of welding. If you want to move along in your career advancement, here are four ways in which you can make yourself stand out from the throngs of other welders. These are things your bosses will notice and appreciate, and can lead to a quick rise up the welding ladder.

1. Get an Education in MIG Welding and Other Specific Areas

Make yourself more valuable on the job by knowing how to do MIG welding. This welding technique comes up a lot in construction jobs, though not every welder is trained to do it. When your company managers need someone who knows how to MIG weld stainless steel, for example, they will turn to you if you know how to do it and are good at it. Studying welding at a trade school will give you the skills and prestige you need to impress your bosses, get better assignments at work, and eventually get those coveted raises and promotions.

2. Get an Entry Level Job at a Company That Offers Career Advancement

While most construction jobs or industrial jobs that require welders do offer career advancement for the welders, not all of them do. Some just need welders for basic assignments, and there is no room for career advancement for them at that company. It might be necessary to take one of these jobs right out of school to gain experience, but settling in for good may not be wise. Once you have gained enough experience seek a position at a company that does offer career advancement. Then, follow their path to advancement closely. Many companies that offer the potential for advancement will let you know what you need to do to get ahead there.

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3. Learn About The Latest Technological Advancements.

Staying abreast with the newest developments and technology is important in any field, but especially in technical industries. Even if you have already been to school, it will improve your chances of getting ahead in your welding career to go back and learn what is new in the field. Those who have the most recent experience with new technology will be the most likely to get jobs in areas like hi-tech welding1, so taking courses frequently is advised. Bring your new skills back to your job and watch your career soar.

4. Join the American Welding Society

The American Welding Society is a good professional organization to join. Being a member gives you the prestige of being looked upon as a serious professional. You can also take a test through the organization to become a certified welder, if you haven’t already done so. This certification can help get you an interview for a job you might otherwise not have had an opportunity for. It can also make you an excellent candidate for promotions and raises at your current job, as this certification is widely respected in the welding industry.

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