Non-Traditional Jobs in the Electrical Industry

jobs in electrical industry

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The work life of electricians and electromechanical technicians doesn’t always revolve around office buildings, homes, or manufacturing plants. Those traditional work environments do depend on the expertise of trained electricians to run efficiently and safely, but they’re not the only places where you can put your electrical or electro-mechanical skills to work. If you’re considering a career in the electrical industry but you’re not sure about the usual career path, there may be a couple of non-traditional jobs you may be interested in.

Theme Parks

theme park electrician

Visitors may not think much about it, but everything from the safety bar on a roller coaster to the evening light show depends on control systems that are managed and coordinated with precision. The skills of someone training in electrical applications are especially showcased at theme parks where automated and robotic equipment are essential attractions. Working in the theme-park industry is anything but boring. So, for those looking for a varied work environment that involves being outdoors and new challenges everyday, working in a theme park may be the ideal opportunity. 1

Film and Television

working on a movie set

It may seem like actors are the most important people in Hollywood, but we all know “lights” and “camera” come before action.  If you’ve always dreamed of a behind-the-scenes career in the entertainment industry, electrician training may be your chance to “enter the spotlight.” Electricians and electromechanical technicians working in the movie industry also have the opportunity to be in The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union which has been in existence for more than 85 years. 2

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There are a variety of duties in the electrical field that you may encounter while working on a film set.  You may be working on location to power a movie set or running the controls for a television show. Building and maintaining electrical grids to power on soundstages, managing audio systems and working on special effects may also be part of the job.

Explore the Potential of an Exciting Electrician Career

Working as a tradesperson can be part of an exciting life. Careers in the electrical industry can take you almost anywhere in the world, depending on the company and industry. With a quick peek outside of the box, you may find fun and interesting fields waiting for trained electricians or electro-mechanical technicians to discover but keeping in mind there may be less opportunities in a non-traditional path. However, electrician jobs are not going away. The first step is becoming qualified and gaining experience, but if your heart is set on a fast-paced electrical career, the good news is that it’s possible.

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