Is Welding a STEM Career?

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Did you know that welding is a STEM career?

Most people think of software developers, physicians, and mathematicians when they think about STEM careers, but welding uses a lot of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that the STEM field offers to perform welding techniques.

So, what is STEM and how does it intersect with the welding profession?

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

However, STEM is more than just an acronym; it is a growing movement to increase the exposure of students to innovative and technologically advanced job fields.

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With the growing global economy and lack of trained professionals to fulfill the need for STEM related careers, educational institutions are turning to a new model of inclusivity, learning and problem-solving to educate more STEM related professionals.

STEM curriculum helps boost innovation, creativity, and productivity within these fields of study.

Welding and STEM

Welding involves the many disciplines of STEM.

Considering Math, a welder must be familiar with fractions, decimals, geometry, formulas, and trigonometry. Whether they are calculating the melting point of a metal or using formulas to measure shapes and volume, mathematics is a fundamental part of STEM.

Reading blueprints is another reason a welder must be fluent in Math. Having the ability to use Math to read blueprints allows the welder to measure out project sizes, cut pipe and weld seams.

Welding also intersects with engineering. Welding engineers are trained to design and analyze welded parts.

Welding engineers design welding processes for companies and manufacturers. They also identify new and modified welding equipment to ensure quality control.

A welding engineer plans and performs product design, construction management, project management and maintenance management.

Welding and STEM will forever be connected. From science and technology to engineering and Math, welding encompasses the many disciplines of STEM and continues to advance our global economy forward.

The American Welding Society

The American Welding Society (AWS) is a non-profit organization with a global mission. They want to advance the Science, technology, and application of welding worldwide.

The AWS offers many certifications for advancement in your welding career. Professional welding certification can help improve your lifetime earning potential and offer many opportunities to leverage your knowledge and expertise to support welding roles.

The American Welding Society states that innovation is driven by STEM and welding is a STEM field.

With an increase in technology and the retiring of many skilled welders, manufacturers, construction, aerospace, and high-tech global markets need more trained welders that possess STEM skills to support our global economy.

Having STEM skills will provide the next generation of welders with a competitive advantage.

Specific welding jobs still need a human touch, whether working in tight spaces, making unique welds, or performing underwater welding. Not all welding jobs can be completed by robotics alone.

The AWS wants to support welders with membership, certification and education that parallels STEM values.

Tulsa Welding School Supports STEM

As seen on 2 News Oklahoma, Tulsa Welding School students weld for STEM projects. Tulsa Welding School (TWS) students are supporting the non-profit called “Science Heads” to prepare a new mobile observatory. The Science Heads non-profit tours the country to support STEM education.

Science Heads is focused on supporting STEM education and raising science literacy in our communities. They believe that empowering people with a better understanding of science helps them live more safe and productive lives.

STEM education also helps people better participate as citizens and leaders.

How To Become a Welding Professional

A popular way to become a welding professional is by attending a welding program at Tulsa Welding School.

The Professional Welder program starts by helping you learn what it’s really like to be a welder. In addition to 1 day a week of classroom lecture, you will participate in 4 weekdays of interactive workshop courses and welding booths.

You’ll be trained in structural welding, fluxcore welding and pipe welding. You’ll also be prepared to excel in job interviews and weld tests for various welding certifications.

Tulsa Welding School offers smaller class sizes and industry-experienced instructors. In addition to all these benefits, TWS also helps you network with local community employers to find job opportunities after graduation. Employers understand the value of TWS graduates and look to us for highly trained welders with STEM skills that make them job ready on day one.

Trade and Career Preparation

Tulsa Welding School offers many trade programs in welding at our Tulsa, OK, Houston, TX, and Jacksonville, FL, campuses. Take the next step toward an exciting career! The TWS team is here to help you through every step of the process.

Tulsa Welding School offers programs with flexible class schedules and some scholarship opportunities. To learn more about enrollment, call 1-855-437-7711.

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