5 HVAC Skills You Learn in Technical Training

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Are you ready to start your career in the HVAC field? Becoming a skilled HVAC technician requires the right training from a technical college. At Tulsa Welding School you will learn five essential HVAC skills to help you find a job when you graduate from one of our HVAC programs. HVAC technicians will excel in the following areas:

  •  Repair HVAC appliances/systems using the proper tools
  •  Determine source of operating errors
  •  Perform routine system maintenance
  •  Install equipment
  •  Diagnostic and maintenance services


During your time in HVAC training, you will learn how to correctly repair an HVAC system. Training will allow you to understand the importance of using correct tools when working on an HVAC system. From old machines to modern upgrades, technicians will learn how to deal with different issues related to HVAC systems.

Determine the Cause of Operating Errors

Learning how to diagnose problems with HVAC systems will allow you to understand how to work on them properly. Older machines can have a number of problems with natural gas pilot lights, connection leaks, clogged filters, etc. It is important for technicians to understand how to handle the various issues that can arise with an HVAC system in order to provide their clients with the best service.

Perform Routine System Maintenance

If you are ready for a career of helping people, HVAC training is a great option. Most homeowners do not know how to correctly care for their HVAC systems. Some will end up having problems with a basic air filter changing while others will have other issues related to gas leaks. It is important to know how to perform routine maintenance on an HVAC system to keep it working correctly. Homeowners will appreciate your hard work as you keep their system running. Knowing the right techniques to work on an HVAC system will allow you to gain a number of customers who will routinely come back to you for more HVAC assistance. This is a great way to have customers come back to you for yearly maintenance, allowing you to have a sustainable business.

Install Equipment

Learning how to remove and install new HVAC systems is a major part of your job as an HVAC professional. At Tulsa Welding School, when you attend our HVAC program in Houston, TX or Jacksonville, FL, you will learn how to remove and replace an HVAC system. It is important to know exactly how to handle the gas lines and other elements of an HVAC system to help it work properly and facilitate safer installation.

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Diagnostic Services

While a large majority of HVAC professionals work on residential systems, there is a large percentage that works on the HVAC systems for workplaces. Learning how to handle diagnostic and maintenance services for large-scale HVAC systems that heat and cool large buildings is an essential aspect of the job. The right HVAC training program will give you the skills you need to become a professional in your trade and satisfy your clients no matter how large or small the job is.

As society moves toward green energy, there is a major push to have energy-efficient HVAC systems installed. When you attend HVAC training in Huston, TX, or Jacksonville, FL, you will learn all about the new trends in the HVAC world and be able to offer your clients the latest in energy-efficient systems.

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