7 Steps to Make Your Scholarship Application Shine

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You’ve graduated from high school, or you’re getting ready to, and you’ve decided to attend a vocational training school that will prepare you for a hands-on career. If you’ve made good grades or need help paying for school, you may be eligible for some scholarships. It’s important to take time and put your best effort into your scholarship application. Here are seven tips to increase your chances for success.

Choose Appropriate Scholarships

If you need help with funding your education, focus on scholarships that are specific to the type of vocation you want. For instance, if you want Professional Welding Training, Tulsa Welding School offers a STEG Foundation Scholarship Program, as well as other funding opportunities that can help you pay for classes.

Understand Your Audience

Every scholarship provider is looking for students who meet specific requirements like good grades or financial need. Read the application carefully, including the fine print, and gain an overall understanding of what the provider wants. It’s also a good idea to research the backgrounds of people who have been awarded scholarships previously, if possible.

Ask the Provider for Advice

Contacting the scholarship provider and asking for advice on what makes a successful application can be helpful. You might get access to their scoring scale.[1] If you’re seeking a career education, ask what weight they’ll give to any previous experience you might have.

Make Your Essay Personal

Don’t just list what prior vocational experience you’ve had, tell them why you have an interest in the field and how you acquired that interest in the first place. Give them a personal glimpse into your life that will make them think of you as an individual, not just another applicant.

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Proofread Your Application

Go over it carefully checking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Something as important as an application for an educational scholarship should be completely free of errors. Find a person you trust to review it, perhaps your parents or a former teacher.

Include Letters of Recommendation

Ask for letters from your teachers, community and church leaders, and former employers. It’s important to pay attention to guidelines regarding how many and what type of recommendations will be accepted. Carefully select those who will write a recommendation for you.

Try Again

If you’re turned down for a scholarship the first time, apply again. Don’t be afraid to ask why you were rejected, and use the lessons learned to make your next application more effective.

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