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There are numerous career opportunities for people who have been properly trained in the art of TIG welding. But first, what is TIG welding? The “TIG” is short for tungsten inert gas, and it is a welding technique that uses a tungsten electrode that is non-consumable to produce the welding effect.

Learning how to TIG weld is a unique process, as TIG welding is a specialized technique. For those who know how to do it, here are the top 5 career opportunities in TIG welding, and they are available right now.

1. Structural Welding

A structural welder welds metal parts together according to work orders, blueprints, or verbal instructions given by supervisors. This welding job requires knowledge of how to weld both metal and non-metal materials. TIG welding aluminum and TIG welding stainless steel, as well as other metals is frequently a part of this job. Often, the components to be welded will have previously been tacked into place by fitters. This is a very common TIG welding job.

2. Pipe Welding

Pipe welders work on welding pipes together. Frequently used on construction jobs when plumbing is being installed, pipe welders have to have a specialized knowledge of welding different metals, and the various techniques used to weld different types of metal or metal alloys together.

3. Aircraft Welding

This very important and very intricate job involves welding for the airline industry. Typically, the welder welds parts that go into the construction of new airplanes or the repair of old ones. Knowledge of high frequency TIG welding is often required. Skills have to be very sharp for this job, as the utmost safety standards must be adhered to in order to ensure the integrity of the airplane and the safety of the passengers while on board.

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4. Thin Alloy Welding

Thin alloy welding is a perfect fit for the TIG welding technique. TIG works much better on thin materials than other types of welding. If you are the best in the field at TIG, then you can find many career opportunities in construction companies, electronics companies, and even the space industry in thin alloy welding.

5. Pipeline Welding

Pipeline welding is a big job that involves lots of travel. When you are a pipeline welder, you are working on large pipes that carry gas and oil up from the ground, and also to various parts of the country. Pipelines need welders to build new pipes and to repair old ones. Since there is always a pipeline project in the works, there is almost always work available if you are willing to go to it. You won’t always find pipeline work where you live, because not every place has a good source of natural gas or oil.

Taking on this work requires provable skills and welding training, and you will likely be away from your home for months at a time, so be sure that this is a lifestyle you’re okay with. However, the extra pay you receive for being away from home can more than make up for that inconvenience, and help allow you to live a very comfortable lifestyle.

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