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The demand to find skilled welders is off the charts in some regions of the United States. Finding the right job can land individuals with six-figure incomes in certain job markets. The challenge lies in selecting the right area of expertise and choosing a location where the job market is in demand.

Entry-Level Careers

Several companies in California are offering entry-level opportunities for welders. It’s not uncommon in welding careers for students to find employers willing to provide internships that help advance their careers. Some interns are able to go on working with the company while others will move to different welding job markets like Texas and Pennsylvania. Welding trade schools provide students with a great opportunity to earn their education in welding, then step into careers with surrounding companies. Often school locations are chosen so that they are in areas where their students can find ready employment after graduation.

Manufacturing and Energy Careers

Manufacturing and energy are two industries that employ a high volume of skilled trade workers. There are a number of areas in the country that are actively seeking welders for manufacturing and energy careers. Employers in Tulsa have expressed a strong need for qualified welders to support local industry.
Fortunately for welders, America is producing energy in a variety of ways across the US. As you can see on NBC’s interactive map of domestic energy production, many of the industries that rely on welders for facility construction and pipeline installation have a strong presence in many states. For example, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming are all major natural gas producers. Texas, North Dakota, California, and Alaska are major producers of crude oil. Many eastern states, particularly Pennsylvania and Illinois, are strong nuclear energy producers. Many states are developing more renewable energy options, including Washington, California, Oregon, Texas, New York, Alabama, and Florida. Finally, over half of the states have fracking facilities.

Advanced Careers

Look into Michigan where fabricators like DeWys Manufacturing are looking for welders, and even provide in-house training. Wisconsin is also full of great opportunities for welders as Shuette Metals is currently looking for individuals hoping to begin their career in welding. For individuals seeking welding careers with opportunities for advancement, plan to attend additional training to learn the skills needed in the gas and energy industry. There is a great shift towards natural energy consumption. As this demand grows, welders will be able to find jobs all over the country. In fact, the job outlook for welders focused on the pipefitting, steamfitting, and plumbing industries are expected to see a 45.4% increase in job growth from 2010 to 2020.

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