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Anyone who wishes to achieve the highest levels of success in a welding career should cultivate a passion for keeping up with all the latest industry news, insights and opportunities. Unfortunately, the average newsstand isn’t likely to overflow with welding magazines—and as a result, many welders are unaware of the abundance of information they actually have access to. Here are some of the most important and reputable welding resources for those pursuing welding certification.

Print and Subscription-Based Publications

As in any other major trade or profession, welding lends itself to a huge range of both scholarly and casual articles, from the latest breakthroughs in welding techniques and technologies to ongoing analysis of national or international career trends. Leading publications in the field of welding include the following:


As the official magazine of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, The FABRICATOR is perhaps the best-known and most widely-read publication related to welding, although it actually covers all elements of metal forming and fabrication—from laser cutting and roll forming to welding safety and material handling issues. This broad approach will hold special appeal for welders who want to develop a deeper understanding of how their work fits into the larger manufacturing picture.

Practical Welding Today

This publication, also issued by the FMA, focuses on the everyday topics that affect welders’ ability to work efficiently and safely. Typical topics include performing a welding inspection, selecting the right pair of protective gloves or other equipment, consumables, and essential welding preparation.

Welding in the World

Welders who want to know what’s going on—not just in the U.S. industry but internationally—may enjoy reading Welding in the World, a publication of the International Institute of Welding, which examines a wide range of welding, brazing, soldering, and other joining and fabrication methods and practices.

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Welding and Cutting

Welding and Cutting represents another international publication, written in English but co-produced by the German Welding Society, The (UK) Welding Institute, and the Institut de Soudure in France. This publication is a technical journal covering topics from professional development and training to welding/manufacturing techniques, test results, and case studies of new and exciting projects.

The Welding Journal

The Welding Journal is like the grandfather of the welding magazine family, with over 90 years of distinguished history serving the welding community. This monthly publication features some of the most distinguished experts in the field discussing the latest advances, tips for saving time and money, the biggest events in the industry, and almost any subject likely to impact a welder’s work and career.

Online Information Resources

The publications above require subscriptions from readers who wish to peruse entire issues (although Welding in the World puts a few of its articles up on the organization’s website for free viewing). Subscription holders can then read their new acquisitions either in print form or by entering the appropriate member password online. Below is a list of major industry websites available to view for free online, which serve as major information resources in their own right:

The American Welding Society

This organization’s website is a treasure trove of helpful data. Viewers will find a welding news feed, an online bookstore, and links to industrial committees, internship and job postings, and much more.


This online portal serves as a kind of matchmaker, connecting welding personnel and resources to business and industries that need them. Visitors will see pages devoted to basic welding information and terms, a wide variety of tips, supplies, training information, and even an interactive forum.

A solid welding career is about more than just joining metal—it’s also about connecting with critical information from the welding world. Welders who take the initiative to inform themselves will likely find themselves better prepared for a brighter career.

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