What Is a Welding Diploma?

welding diploma

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If you are interested in a welding career, it is a good idea to begin with welding training to develop your skills and increase your chances on the job market.

Welding Diploma vs. Degree

Welding schools, depending on the institution and program offer diplomas and/or degrees. A diploma shows that a person has completed certain training requirements. A degree generally involved a higher level of education and training.

Welding Training Programs at Tulsa Welding School

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Welding Diploma vs. Certificate

welding certificate programs

Certificates are something you normally obtain separately after you have completed your welding training and have tested and shown proficiency in skills. Certificates are awarded from various industry organizations for different specialties. Here are some examples of the most common welding certificates:

Welding Career Paths

Getting a welding diploma or degree is often the first step in a welding career path. Even though some employers hire inexperienced entry-level workers and train them on the job, many in fact prefer to hire welders who have completed welding training. 1 If want to start a career in welding, you can fortunately chose from a variety of training opportunities.

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