The Benefits of a Part-Time Job While in Welding School

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If you’ve decided to work while in welding school, finding a part-time job in the field could prove to be a wise decision.

The job could be an opportunity to learn new skills and practice those learned in welding training. The benefits may not stop there, either.

Keep reading to learn more about the potential value of working in the welding industry while training to enter it professionally.

1.  Gain Valuable Industry Experience for Your Resume

Those welding credentials you gain by going to trade school can look great on a resume when you’ve just graduated because employers typically prefer to hire applicants with postsecondary welding training.1

Many employers look for relevant work experience when screening candidates. Each welding-related job you work while in school can give you opportunities to practice what you’re learning in the classroom and the welding lab.

Working as a welding shop assistant, for instance, may allow you to practice the following tasks:

  • Assembling components and pieces together to prepare for welding.
  • Determining what parts welders will need for specific projects.
  • Working from shop documents or written instructions for various purposes.2

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2.  Network with Welding Industry Professionals

Networking can be a valuable part of flourishing in a given field. A part-time job in the welding industry could place you in the presence of industry professionals you can call on later when you’ve earned your welding diploma.

Establishing a strong network with industry professionals can hold many benefits:

  • Provide you with industry recognition.
  • Alert you to new career opportunities.
  • Give you access to valuable resources.
  • Connect you with industry leaders.
  • Help you to build self-confidence as a professional welder.3

The American Welding Society, a professional welding organization, hosts annual events like trade shows and professional conferences partially because networking opportunities are important to both business owners and team members in the welding industry.4

3.  Make Lifelong Friends in the Welding Industry

Not only can networking be important to your professional status, it can also allow you to meet like-minded professionals and make lifelong friends.

A study discussed in the Harvard Business Review in 2017 noted that employees who have a good friend at work can be seven times more likely to show job engagement, be more productive and overall more satisfied in their positions.

When you work a part-time job in the welding industry while in school, you’re likely surrounding yourself with people who hold similar interests as yourself—in other words, with potential friends.

If research is right, these friendships can support your ongoing success as you finish school and start your career as a professional welder.5

4.  Earn while You Learn

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Seeking part-time employment while you’re in welding school could serve as a source of income. Whether you want to rely less on student loans or need some extra money to support yourself with while in school, getting a job can surely help.

Several examples of part-time jobs associated with welding exist. Fabrication shops or manufacturing facilities may need production helpers. The production helper fulfills duties that do not require as much skill or training. They may be responsible for keeping the work area and equipment clean and holding or supplying tools or materials.6

Get a Head Start in the Welding Industry

The more experience and skills you can amass while in welding school, the bigger the headstart you might have when you graduate.

A part-time job in the field while you’re still in school means you could receive relevant work experience and vocational education at the same time.

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