What Is the Hardest Welding Test?

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Welding tests can be an essential part of developing a successful career as a welder.

Your ability to perform well on welding assessments can influence the kind of welding positions for which you’ll be eligible. As a result, welding tests can also impact your future earnings.

Whether you’re currently completing welding courses or thinking of entering into the field, you’ve probably wondered what welding test is the hardest.

Which welding test is the hardest is ultimately subjective and depends on the skills of the individual welder, but we’ll look at how welding tests can help improve your career opportunities and how the difficulty of these tests are generally measured.

What’s the Purpose of Welding Tests?

Companies often require employees to demonstrate their proficiency by taking welding certification tests administered by a separate organization. The goal of these tests is to assess an applicant’s capability in various welding processes. In addition, your employer might request that you pass another test known as a welding qualification exam.

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Why Are There So Many Different Kinds of Welding Tests?

Due to the variety of welding techniques, there is a large number of welding tests that assess your skills in specific areas.

The kinds of tests you may need to take can depend on your prospective employer and local government standards.

Pursuing these certifications can require a large investment in time, energy and funds. So, it’s a good idea to be ready for this commitment and confident in your decision to become a welder.

How Do Welding Tests Help with Getting a Job?

Passing a welding test can have a strong impact on your ability to land a competitive welding job. The vast majority of companies want employees to complete a welding test in order to prove their skills and capabilities

Welding qualification and certification tests are provided by independent organizations, such as the American Welding Society (AWS), as well as individual employers.1 The TWS campus in Jacksonville is an AWS Accredited Test Facility.

After successfully passing a professional welding test, you’ll typically receive an officially recognized document known as a welder qualification test record (WQTR). This critical piece of paper explains what kind of welding you’re qualified to perform based on the welding test(s) you’ve completed. A welding certification can help you work your way up the professional ladder in the metal fusing profession.2

If you don’t pass a difficult welding test on your first go-around, you’re not alone. In fact, many aspiring welders don’t pass on their first attempt.

While the AWS allows students to retake their certification tests as many times as needed, some companies might have limitations.3 Take note of what you did well on and the areas in which you could improve. You can likely find tips to help pass the welder certification exam online and in your welding classes.

What’s the Hardest Welding Test?

welder being tested

Once again, it must be stressed that “hardest” is subjective, but let’s take a look at some important tests.

Pipe welding is considered one of the more difficult processes for welders to master.4

In order to pass pipe welding tests, you must be able to join two cylindrical metal pipes together utilizing shielded metal arc welding or any number of other methods. To make matters even more challenging, space is often limited when applying pipe welding techniques, making for awkward positioning.

Within the niche of pipe welding, a challenging welding certification test is the 6G pipe weld. In this test, welders are dealing with a rigid pipe angled at 45 degrees.5

To pass the 6G pipe welding test, you’ll need to illustrate proficiency with a variety of welding positions, such as overhead, vertical and horizontal.6 Depending on where you’re taking the 6G pipe welding exam, you might even have to demonstrate an ability to weld with both your dominant and non-dominant hand.6

How Can Welding Training Help Prepare You for Tests?

Welding training can be a way to prepare for welding tests and becoming a certified welder.7,8 These courses are designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience you need to perform well on specific welding processes.8

Since some employers prefer applicants to hold postsecondary credentials in welding, this training can help improve your career opportunities, too.8 Keep in mind that passing difficult tests can help position you for more advanced welding jobs and the benefits that may accompany them.9

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