Is Welding School Worth It?

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Yes, welding school can be worth it because a postsecondary welding education is increasingly becoming a requirement among employers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).1

While some employers are still willing to hire entry-level workers, many prefer those who have received the proper education and training in the field by way of a trade school. This means hitting the job market with a credible welding education on your resume could help land you on employers’ short-list of applicants to interview.1

Plus, there can be other benefits of completing a welding training program.

Keep reading for more about why welding school could be a good career decision.

6 Reasons Why Welding School Could Be Worth It for You

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Enrolling in a welding training program can be a big decision. Here are 6 reasons why it could be a good one.

1. Employers Prefer Applicants with Welding Training

Technically, you don’t need anything beyond a high school diploma or equivalent to become a welder, and some companies might hire you with nothing more than just that.1

But you may not get as far in the job market without formal welding training from a trade school or similar postsecondary institution because employers typically look for these credentials.1

As the BLS notes, most welders need a high school diploma or GED, technical training and on-the-job training.1

2. More Education Could Mean More Pay

Attending welding school won’t just likely get you placed in the short stack of resumes for employers looking to fill positions, but you could also make more money once hired.1,2

The BLS reports that there’s a direct correlation between education and earned income. For instance, a professional with an Associate Degree can expect to earn more each week, on average, than someone with just a high school diploma.2

3. Welding School Teaches Welding Fundamentals

When students attend welding school, they can gain hands-on experience in fundamental arc welding processes and practices.

Welding training can provide instruction in structural welding, fluxcore and pipe welding, among other processes. Other subjects you could learn in welding school like Tulsa Welding School can include welding safety, reading welding symbols and career preparation.

Welders work in a variety of production environments—from automotive to infrastructure— and students who attend welding school can prepare for entry-level careers in many of these fields.3,

4. Prepare for American Welding Society Certification

The BLS confirms that attending a welding school is one way to prepare for the American Welding Society’s (AWS) certifications, including the Certified Welder designation.1

Welding certifications can serve as proof that a welder has certain skills or knowledge, and some employers require them.1

Many welding schools, such as Tulsa Welding School in Jacksonville, Florida, are on the list of the AWS’ registered testing locations. After students receive their welding education, they can take the certification tests right at their school.4

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5. Seize Welding Industry Networking Opportunities

As is the case with most higher education environments, welding school students are able to develop a network of instructors and peers they can take with them throughout their careers.6

In fact, many instructors who teach welding courses to students are also actively working as welders in the industry or have retired after a lengthy career in the field.

Many welding instructors are committed to helping their students learn the skills they need to chart a course for success in the metal fusing industry.

6. Take Advantage of Career Services after Graduation

With a good welding school, the relationship between the student and the school doesn’t have to end following graduation.

Some welding schools help students find jobs and offer other career services to ensure students can be as successful as possible in the profession. These services often include interview preparation, resume building and bringing in employers for recruitment purposes.

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