Benefits of an Associate’s Degree in Welding Occupational Studies

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When it comes to welding, like most any career path, one can find serious fulfillment or just a job. A lot depends on how much homework and planning a person puts into the career to make it produce a life that the person wants. A Tulsa Welding School degree can be very helpful in that effort, but planning is still necessary to see full realization of a welding career.

The welding field can be both work and a craft; much depends on a person’s attitude towards the tasks, the learning and other people a person works with. Both young and older workers enjoy the modern career path of welding, and they may work with some of the latest technology in heavy construction. This is a field where people travel on a regular basis, meet new people, handle jobs that can vary from day to day, and find themselves challenged on a regular basis.

The Value of a TWS Degree

There is no question that specified welding training is needed to be at the head of the pack in a welding career. An Associate of Occupational Studies degree is desirable to potential employers because it instantly conveys a breadth of knowledge and experience. Those who have the best skills often make a reputation for themselves quickly and win some of the best jobs available with the best pay packages. However, a degree is not simply a piece of paper. Obtaining an associate’s degree in welding requires a welder to have passed specific exams and tests in specialties, have proven him or herself in practical displays of skill, and have shown a mastery of welding industry knowledge, before a degree is awarded. Skills mastered in the Associate of Occupational Studies program include:

  • Applied Math and Symbols
  • Radiographic Testing Radiation Safety
  • Codes & Specifications Radiographic Film Interpretation
  • Basic Metallurgy & Destructive Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant & Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Visual & Leak Testing
  • Communications & Records
  • Drawings & Fabrication Processes
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Quality Management Techniques


As mentioned earlier, those with a welding degree may be able to command better-paying income packages and jobs versus having to take whatever comes along. These candidates are also picked for more lucrative assignments that can involve paid travel, relocation to very interesting parts of the country and world, and far more challenging projects in terms of creative work. Anyone might be able to gain experience on the job, but a specialized degree can often help a candidate get ahead in their career.

After taking welding courses, doors can open up for more opportunities. Those with some vocational training often pursue even more specialized training for additional opportunities, knowledge, challenge and responsibility. For anyone who sees himself or herself eventually running his own welding business, additional concepts such as business, math, science, communication and similar all become essential in a manager or ownership aspect.

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Those who already have an aptitude to learn and have a proven track record for being able to tackle new skills or new processes are often rewarded with the ability to work with the latest tools and equipment. Welder salaries may also be based on experience, as well as the number of certifications held. A welding degree marks a person as being part of this smaller, more valued group.

In Summary

No matter what the field, successful careers are based on candidates who boost their knowledge with training and can display wisdom and skill. It marks the person as ready to take on more complicated jobs and makes him or her eligible for the higher end of the job spectrum in the welding field.

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