6 Small Welding Projects for Beginners

diy welding project

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Looking for ways to practice your newly learned welding skills?

Put your metal-fusing know-how to work with these 6 small welding projects. With short supply lists and construction times, these projects are simple but fun.

Even better, some of these items could make great gifts for mom, dad or that special someone in your life on upcoming holidays or birthdays.

1.  Scrap Metal Doorbell

This is the perfect project for repurposing old argon cylinders. Just make sure the small cylinder you use never contained flammable gas and there’s no pressure in it anymore.

Besides the cylinder, you’ll need a steel rod and plate, a drill and bits and an angle grinder with cutting and flap discs.

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  1. Cut the valve of the cylinder off first and then the bottom.
  2. Remove the paint with the angle grinder and drill a hole in the center for the rod.
  3. Cut and bend one piece of rod to attach the bell to the steel plate that you’ll mount to the wall.
  4. Cut another to serve as an unattached clapper (the part you ring the bell with).
  5. Weld the pieces together and give the bell a final coating of anti-corrosive.

Gift Idea: Rustic and exceptionally loud, this bell would make a fitting gift for friends with a country-style home or your grandparents.

Photo: Scrap Metal Doorbell

2.  Industrial Pencil Holder

All you’ll need is a square tube, 12-gauge steel sheet and spray paint. The main tools, besides your welding machine, will be files, a hacksaw and a bench vise.


  1. Cut the steel tube into four sections. These will serve as the pencil and pen holders.
  2. File the top and bottom of each piece.
  3. Cut the sheet steel into the base and tack weld the pieces of tubbing to it.

Gift Idea: If you can manage to part with this cool industrial pencil holder, it could be a good gift for new friends you’ve met in welding school.

Photo: Industrial Pencil Holder

3.  Scrap Metal Box

Practice your MIG welding skills by making a scrap metal box. The supply list is super short: 1/8” steel from any scrap yard.

Of course, you can choose a different size depending on how big of a box you want to make.

Here are the tools you need for this project:

  • Plasma cutter
  • Clamps
  • Sander
  • Soap stone marker
  • Measurement devices


  1. Measure the base and sides of the box, marking where to cut with the soap stone.
  2. Make 2 short sides and 2 long sides with the plasma cutter.
  3. Label the pieces with your soap stone marker and smooth them out with a vertical belt sander.
  4. Use magnetic clamps to line up the base and side and tack weld them in place.
  5. Fill in the seams with your MIG welder.
  6. Clean and polish the box.

Gift Idea: Give this shiny metal container to anyone who could use some help getting organized.

Photo: Scrap Metal Box

4.  Metal Heart

We couldn’t think of a more sentimental way to recycle an old bike chain. Besides the used chain, the welding tools you’ll need are pliers and a hammer or chain cutter.

Simply cut the chain, fashion it into a heart shape and weld together the pieces. You can make any size, from a small pendant for a necklace to an ornament to hang on the wall.

Gift Idea: Surprise your sweetheart with this homemade chain heart on Valentine’s Day.

Photo: Metal Heart

5.  Welded Picture Frame

Picture frames make excellent gifts because they’re so easy to customize. Grab some metal tubing and wrenches to make it robust. Or, cut and weld together gauge steel into a traditional flat frame.

Gift Idea: Parent’s love photos of their kids—at any age. Send one next Father’s or Mother’s Day with a personalized frame and show off your new welding skills at the same time.

Photo: Welder Picture Frame

Photo: Welded Picture Frame

6.  Horseshoe Dutch Oven Holder

To try this western-themed welding project, all you’ll need are 3 horseshoes, a tin of enamel and 3 steel rods.

The welding for this Dutch oven stand is pretty straightforward:

  1. Once you’ve cleaned the dirt and rust off the horseshoes, position them in a triangular formation.
  2. Weld where the rounded edges meet. Repeat the welds on the other side.
  3. Weld the steel rods at a 90-degree angle to the left tail of each horseshoe.
  4. Grind down sharp edges and coat with enamel.

Gift Idea: Wrap this lucky holder up for friends who love camping or simply love cooking with a Dutch oven.

Advanced Welding Projects

Welding projects like these provide an opportunity to take your skills out of the lab before you’re working in the field. They can be fun, easy ways to make homemade gifts.

As you advance in your welding training, you may want to take on bigger projects to help spruce up your house or yard. When you’re ready, try these 5 challenging welding projects.

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