What is MIG Welding?

Understanding the Dynamics of MIG Welding

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MIG welding is an acronym for Metal Inert Gas Welding. This process is sometimes also referred to as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). MIG Welding is used for aluminum as well as other metals and can be automatic or semi-automatic.

MIG Welding uses a wire that is connected to a direct current source which acts as an electrode and combines two pieces of metal through continuous flow by use of a welding tool or gun. At the same time the wire passes through the welding gun, a flow of gas is also passed through the gun in order to keep airborne contaminants free and clear of the welding zone. The inert gas acts like a shield throughout the process to accomplish this task. This system was developed in the mid-twentieth century and is generally a much faster welding system than stick welding.

Benefits of MIG Welding

MIG Welding allows for the production of longer and more continuous welds in comparison to other traditional methods. Thanks to the gas which acts like a shield, it also produces much cleaner and splatter-free welding results. However, the operation of a MIG Welder is quite different than that of other traditional welders and may require different learning techniques.

Due to the fast welding that the MIG process allows, it has also been applied to the use of welding steel. It is the only method of welding used today for automobiles, and is also a leading welding technique in virtually all industries. However, because of the use of an inert gas MIG Welding cannot be used outdoors. Since MIG Welding uses an electric arc, welders must wear protective clothing as well as eye protection. Since the shield gas is generally volatile, other environmental precautions must be taken. Limiting the amount of oxygen in the welding area is one such precaution as is removing combustible materials from the work area. Students in a MIG welding training program learn these sorts of MIG welding tips to keep them safe.

First put into use in the 1940s MIG Welding has progressed into an extremely valuable and useful tool for industrial production. The speed and quality with which work can be produced has further increased its value in the work place. The automated system has allowed work processes to speed up and meet the demand for the items being supplied.

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