6 Fun Holiday Welding Projects

holiday welding

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Spread some holiday cheer and show off the new skills you learned in your welding classes this winter with these fun projects. Customize a wire Christmas tree. Put a personal touch on ornaments. Craft the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

1.  Simple Christmas Tree

Festive yard art can be the perfect project for the beginner welder.

For this simple, 5-foot-tall Christmas tree, all you’ll need is 4 rolled steel bars, a green rope light, a multi-color string of lights, some zip ties and a can of black spray paint. Bend the metal bars into shape and then weld them together. Make sure to include cross support sections. Zip tie the lights to the tree, plug them in and voila: light up your lawn and impress your neighbors.[1]

Photo: Simple Christmas Tree

2.  Town Square Showstopper

If you have a larger space and are looking for a more challenging welding project, try making this decoration. The inspiration came from a welder who fabricated a Christmas tree that is 15 feet in diameter and 60 feet tall for the town square of Charlestown, Indiana.

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Guess what he used as the primary material? Over 3,000 discarded wire spools.

Welders in other towns are following suit with smaller versions, and you could, too, if you wanted to make one for your yard.[2] If you’re feeling especially motivated and generous, you could of course fabricate a massive metal Christmas tree for your town square.

Photo: Town Square Showstopper

3.  Sheet Metal Reindeer Lawn Ornaments

Fashioning these adorable antlered beasts will take some planning. Much of the work will be in designing and cutting the sheet metal into the different parts of the reindeer. Getting the sizes of the pieces right can cut down on welding time.

Once fused together, slap on some paint and a string of lights.[3] Stand them up in the yard for all to enjoy.

4.  Welded Nail Christmas Tree Ornament

Weld a rustic metal version of the traditional nativity scene to hang on your Christmas tree or give as a gift.

Simply pick up some square cut concrete nails from Lowes or Home Depot and then put your stick welder to work. Start with the shed roof and then the floor and walls. Bend two nails for Mary and Joseph. Cut another nail for the manger and fuse a flat washer on top to represent the presence of the Christ child.

If you have a gas torch, braze the washer to bring out some golden color. Finally, use a hammer and wire brush to clean the ornament, and spray on some shellac to prevent rust.[4]

Photo: Instrucables Welded Nail Christmas Tree Ornament

5.  Jewelry Holder Tree

Wondering what to get for the woman who has everything? How about a place to put it—at least her necklaces, bracelets, and rings, that is.

A fairly easy welding project, a jewelry holder tree can make for an elegant gift. Just weld several small, straight pieces of steel together to form a tree. Then fuse the tree to a square piece of steel that can serve as a stand.[5]

Photo: Jewelry Holder Tree

6.  Steel Washer Bowl

Here’s another sophisticated-looking gift that doesn’t take too long to make. In fact, depending on your skill level, you could probably finish this project in the course of an afternoon.

Gather several all-steel washers and fuse them together into a bowl. You can even join them around a real bowl for help with the shape. Just remove it once you’re finished.

Photo: Steel Washer Bowl

Hobby Welding

With its hundreds of applications, welding doesn’t have to be an activity strictly for work. From holiday gifts to fun projects for the home or yard, there are plenty of ways welding can be a fulfilling hobby.

If you tend to like vintage designs, check out Steampunk welding projects.

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