What Are My Options For Career Change In Dallas?

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Are you interested in a career change?

TWS is a Great Training Option for Everyone

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In Dallas, you have options!

A great way to start a new career is by attending a trade program at Tulsa Welding School. We offer accredited training programs in welding and HVAC/R. Trade professionals are in need in Dallas, and TWS can help you change careers to something you are passionate about.

With the annual employment increase in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington at 242,200 in November 2022, there are many more opportunities in Dallas to change careers.

Whether you are supporting a family or need to change careers, Tulsa Welding School can help.

Why Consider a Career Change?

Recently laid off, unhappy with your current job—these are just a few reasons to change your career. Regardless of the reason you want to change your career, Tulsa Welding School can help you find a new career in the Dallas Metropolitan area.

Have You Considered a Career in the Skilled Trades?

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Recently Laid Off

Everyone felt the squeeze during the pandemic. Layoffs were rampant, but for some people, getting laid off was a blessing in disguise. With the closure of many retail and restaurant establishments, workers were able to reassess their careers and find something more satisfying.

Unhappy with Your Current Job

Many people are working to pay the bills but are unhappy with our current job.

If this sounds like you, then it may be time to make a career change!

There is no reason to be unhappy at your job when there are so many options to change careers in Dallas. Tulsa Welding School is one of the best options to learn a trade like welding and HVAC. These are hands-on jobs that get you out of the office, too.

No Room for Advancement

Stuck in the same job without an opportunity to advance? Try learning a trade. Most trade professionals start out as apprentices but move up to journeyman or even master level trade professional with some schooling and work experience.

You can also start managing a team of trade professionals, become a construction project manager, or change specialties to try something new in your new trade career.

Need Better Support for Your Family

Barely paying the bills? Struggling to your support your family?

Instead of getting a second or third job, consider a lucrative career in the trade industry. Welders and HVAC technicians enjoy many perks including benefits and good compensation in the Dallas area.

Welder Salary – Did you know that welder’s median salary is $47,010? With some hard work and advancement to journeyman or master level welder, you can make up to $63,660.*

HVAC Technician Salary – HVAC technicians receive fair compensation, with a median salary of $48,630.**

To finish with, here are 5 Tips for a Successful Career Change into a Skilled Trade that can help you get started. With Tulsa Welding School, you can change careers with confidence.

Want to Learn a Trade

Welding and HVAC are hands-on jobs, so technical training is typically required for anyone to enter this field. Many people decide to invest in a trade program to learn the trade skills they need to be safe and effective as a professional.

 To learn about the welding and HVAC programs at Tulsa Welding School’s Irving campus, contact us today.

*According to BLS data Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers (51-4121) annual mean wage is $48,850 for the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area.

**According to BLS data Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers (49-9021) annual mean wage is $54,110 for the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area.