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Welding is an exciting field that offers positions with both private companies and with the federal government. The government needs professionals who have a welding degree for the care of government property across the country. Welders interested in working for government institutions should enroll in a welding training program and obtain the credentials needed to stand out among the numerous applicants and get the job they are looking for. It can also be helpful to become familiar with the types of welding positions typically available through the government, so they can tailor their training and resume to provide the best possible application.

Education and background

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics1, most professionals interested in becoming welders begin their training during or soon after high school. While other options might exist, one of the best ways to receive training for welding is through an accredited vocational school like Tulsa Welding School. These vocational training programs will combine the academic qualifications that a student needs with the hands on training that is necessary for success in the industry.

In a comprehensive welding training program, students will learn vital skills such as blueprint reading and shop mechanics. They will typically participate in classes like mechanical drawing, physics, chemistry, shop mathematics, and metallurgy. Computers are also becoming important in the world of welding, as robots and automation are increasingly used to improve efficiency.

Aspiring welding professionals should develop a particular set of qualities. Welders will need to have a strong eye for detail as well as considerable physical stamina and strength. Welders often find themselves having to lift heavy items as well as having to stand for extended periods of time. The more technical skills a student has, the more prepared they will be for the formal, in-class part of the training as well.

Government welding jobs

The government has a number of different types of jobs available to those who are experts in welding, as it runs a number of different buildings and facilities that require the expertise of welders to keep them well-maintained and safe. Since the welding jobs related to the government often involve working with highly public and important facilities, including military equipment and prisons, welders who are interested in pursuing employment with the government should strive to perfect their skills in every way. This includes remaining on top of the industry and learning the necessary technology related to welding automation, laser welding, and similar advancements. Many of the jobs available fall into one of the following categories.

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Military related jobs

According to the job descriptions on the job site AmericanJobs.com, the various branches of the military, including the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, all require welders for various facilities and bases around the country. Those who have had a background in the military are typically considered the most likely to get these types of jobs. Some of them will require applicants to be an active member of the military, while others will be open to civilians who might be already connected to the military or the federal government. These jobs will involve working on buildings, military equipment, boats, machinery, and related jobs.

Justice Department jobs

The Federal Bureau of Prisons operates a number of prisons around the country, according to the job descriptions on the job site AmericanJobs.com. They often employ welders to help with a number of different duties. Welders may help with the development of blueprints for various plans and designs. They might also have unique responsibilities related to instructing and supervising inmates so they can take care of basic construction, repair, and maintenance tasks around the prison.

Welding is an exciting and promising field that offers many ways for professionals to grow and develop within their industry. Those interested in working with the government should take their training and preparation seriously and begin researching positions they would like to apply for within the various government offices.

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