How Long is Welding School in Jacksonville?

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Are you intrigued by shaping, bending, cutting, and assembling metal structures? If so, consider starting a career as a professional welder. Tulsa Welding School offers two Welding programs at our Jacksonville campus.

 How Long is Welding School in Jacksonville?

Did you know you can complete welding school at our Jacksonville campus in as little as seven months? Plus, we have a Welding Specialist with Pipefitting program that can be completed in 9.5 months. These programs will prepare you for an apprenticeship in Welding.

Why is Welding School Important?

Are you asking yourself, “Why is welding school an important step in your journey to becoming a licensed welder?” Some of the reasons include:

 A Complete Curriculum

By completing the Welding Specialist program at our Jacksonville campus, you can enjoy a complete curriculum and fill in any gaps you may encounter as an apprentice. Starting as an apprentice can be a disadvantage when you are ready to take on welding projects. As an apprentice, you may only work with TIG welding or MIG welding, but attending welding school allows you to learn the many different welding techniques you will need in the field.

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 Hands-On Training

A great reason to complete the Welding Specialist program is to have the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. During your time at TWS, you will have the guidance of instructors who will offer immediate feedback to help you hone your skills and build confidence in your welding. Welding school offers hundreds of hours of hands-on training that supplements the critical knowledge you learn in the classroom. Before you know it, you will be ready to take on any welding project that comes your way.

 Career Services

Finding the right apprenticeship can take a lot of work, and TWS has the solution. After graduation, we help you find a job that fits your skillset and passion. We have close ties with employers in the community, and they understand that graduates of Tulsa Welding School are fully trained and ready to start working on day one.

Want to Learn More?

The Professional Welder program at Tulsa Welding School’s Jacksonville campus starts by helping you know what it’s like to be a welder in interactive workshop courses and welding booths. You’ll be trained in structural, flux core, and pipe welding in as little as seven months. You’ll also be prepared to excel in job interviews and welding tests for various certifications.

Read about the types of welding careers you can pursue with your skills. Ready to start a Professional Welding program? Contact us today about our welding certification preparation program.