What is a Roadtech?

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A roadtech career covers a wide range of job opportunities in the construction industry. If you are looking for a career path that allows you to apply your skills and travel the nation, then a roadtech job could be the right place for you. From welding to carpentry, roadtechs are the skilled experts who lead teams and oversee specific jobs in their industry.

What Does a Roadtech Do?

Roadtechs can be skilled in any number of construction positions or skilled trades and travel from jobsite to jobsite to work where their skills are needed. Jobs may include:

  • Facilities Engineer – Oversees construction, renovation and remodeling projects
  • Industrial Electricians – Responsible for installation, wiring, schematic comprehension and instrumentation
  • MIG/Pulse Welders – Welding projects, tools and parts onsite
  • Machinery Technician – Performs checks, repairs and tests on industrial tools, machinery or laboratory equipment
  • Road Maintenance – Supervises work crews, maintenance projects and construction
  • Surveying – Auxiliary work onsite

The welding industry continues to grow and traveling technicians and journeymen are in high demand. A roadtech job allows you to go where your skill set is most needed – keeping projects fresh and typically allowing you to work through contract.

Tips for Becoming a Roadtech

Blue-collar workers, including roadtechs, often undergo vocational training, pursue technical certification and gain further experience through an apprenticeship in order to be job-ready. There are many things you can be doing to be at the top of the list when it comes to getting the job you want.

1. Build Your Confidence

Going in for a first time job takes a lot of self-confidence. With a tight-knit and technical industry, showing a calm confidence is essential. In order to calm your nerves and boost your self-confidence, try relaxation techniques, and reassure yourself that you are qualified for this position.

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2. Focus on Safety

Your job will require technical excellence and solid knowledge. Focusing carefully on the classes you take will help you be better prepared to step into a roadtech job – even if it is an entry-level position. Safety rules are in place to keep the workplace secure for everyone, so make sure you know and follow the rules down to the most mundane and minute points.

3. Improve Your Skill

Getting a certification or quality education in your industry doesn’t have to take years to complete. Get your education in as few as 7 months and be the top choice of companies you interview with. Even high school students can enroll in programs, enabling them to start on the path to their career while working towards their GED.

4. Be a Team Player

Expand your skill set in working well with people. If you want to become a manager or oversee projects, then you will have to be skilled at motivating fellow workers. Team players get along with many different types of people and aren’t easily offended by critical or difficult personalities.

5. Develop Your Listening Skills

You should always be confident in your skills, but don’t let that prevent you from listening to all instructions. Listening can mean the difference between a sloppy screw-up in the project direction and a great piece of craftsmanship at the end of the day.

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