What Are Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations for Welding?

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You know how professionals like lawyers and doctors join professional networks? These networks advance the profession, offer key resources, and facilitate communication among members.

Guess what? Similar organizations for welding professionals. Here, we’ll take a look at the purpose of welding organizations, the advantages of these associations, and some specific groups you should consider joining.

What are welding organizations and associations?

Welders join welding organizations throughout all stages of their careers:

  • Students
  • Journeyman welders
  • Experienced veterans

But what are these groups exactly?

While there’s no clear-cut definition, a welding association is typically an organization that promotes the interests of welders and other industry experts, while making it easier for members to excel in their careers and connect with fellow professionals.

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What are the benefits of membership in a welding association?

There are several advantages to joining a professional welding organization. Although each association has specific upsides, here are some potential benefits welders can gain from joining a group:

  • It’s an extra level of credibility to bolster your resume.
  • Membership can show potential employers that you’re always improving your skills
  • You might get access to valuable educational resources and events.
  • Members can get special discounts and deals on various services and products.
  • It could supply members with regular welding publications focusing on important changes and advancements in the industry.
  • You might get access to regularly updated job boards.

It’s important to keep in mind that the offerings and resources vary between every welding association or organization. You’ll want to learn about the pros of each specific group before claiming your membership.

What are suggested professional organizations and associations for welding?

Now that you have a better understanding of welding organizations and what they have to offer, it’s time to review some of the most reputable and popular associations for welders.

The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

All engineers have come across the acronym ASME in their research. But what is ASME in welding? Founded in the late 1800s, The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers is actually the longest-running welding organization on this list.

This not-for-profit group serves the engineering industry through various ways:

  • Learning programs
  • Code development
  • ASME certification
  • Government relations
  • Publications
  • Much, much more

The ASME already has a thriving community of over 90,000 engineers and other experts in the field.

Members have the opportunity to connect with other welders through networking, volunteer, and mentoring events. With daily and weekly publications, you can stay up to date on the latest changes in the industry.

ASME can even help welders advance their careers through deals on instructive courses, a comprehensive career center, and access to industry-leading journals.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

ANSI is a nonprofit, private organization with the stated mission of helping US businesses compete across the world while improving the domestic quality of life.

These goals are pursued through the development of compliance guidelines and testing systems designed to help various sectors, including the welding industry, standardize practices.

With over 30 million members across the globe, ANSI is one of the largest organizations of its kind. As a member, you’ll get access to detailed information regarding industry-wide standards to put yourself in a position to succeed.

American Welding Society (AWS)

What does AWS mean in welding? It actually stands for the American Welding Association – one of the most well-established and prestigious welding organizations in the country.

According to the AWS site, their mission is to advance “the science, technology, and application of welding.”

As a member, you’ll have access to industry-specific benefits to help you succeed in your career. AWS even conveniently organizes its wealth of resources to different members, including students, early-career welders, individual welders, and corporations, making it easier to find what you need.

Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International (FMA)

FMA is another reputable welding organization focusing on helping metal fabricators succeed in their careers. Members are provided with a host of benefits:

  • Training programs
  • Industry-specific networking events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Trade shows
  • Insightful publications
  • Research services

Currently, there are over 2,500 FMA members, with more joining each year. FMA even places an emphasis on promoting welding and other metal fabrication jobs for future generations through scholarships and camps aimed at encouraging students to pursue a career in the trades.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

SME is a nonprofit organization of students, professionals, and instructors aimed at providing support, resources, and promotion for the manufacturing industry.

Welders of all experience levels will find valuable resources and tools provided by an SME Membership to propel their careers forward.

This association strives to help welding professionals further develop their skills through magazines, podcasts, peer-reviewed journals, and other reputable publications.

Members can also interact with other professionals through mentor programs, national events, and virtual networks.

But that’s not all! Through resource centers, job boards, and scholarships, welders can work to advance their careers.

Setting the Record Straight: Is joining a welding organization worthwhile?

When you enter the welding industry, it’s common to feel a bit overwhelmed. Joining a welding association is a great way to orient yourself within the field.

Depending on the organization you join, you can get access to helpful career advancement services, attend networking events to connect with fellow welders, read industry-specific publications to stay up to date on the latest trends, and much more.

Becoming a member of any of the welding organizations mentioned in this article can help put you in a better position to succeed as a welder.

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