People who like working with their hands and who don’t necessarily want to work a traditional desk or office job may want to consider studying welding. Welding is a skilled trade with diverse career options, and while some trade schools offer welding programs, Tulsa Welding School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, focuses on welding in our professional welder program.

Where Do Welders Work?

Welding provides durable repairs and a secure method of attaching one piece of metal to another in the building and manufacturing industries. When you become a skilled welder, you can seek employment in a variety of industries and settings.

The work of welders is seen all around us in the bridges we cross, the houses we live in, the buildings we work in and the cars we drive. Welders help our goods get to us safely and they help our machinery work. So where can you find professional welders?

  • Some welders own their own shop and work directly with clients or subcontract work for others. They may drive to different locations with a      truck and portable welder to make repairs for various people who need welding services.
  • In a fabrication shop, specialty welding shop or shipyard.
  • In the aerospace or aviation industry.
  • Working with structural steel or heavy machinery.
  • As part of construction teams on large structures like buildings or bridges.
  • In automobile factories and shops.

Dedicated Welding School

You can get a focused education in welding applications and procedures when you attend a dedicated welding program, like Tulsa Welding School’s Professional Welder Program. At TWS, even though we offer a variety of welding programs, our specialty is welding and we can teach you the skills to become a professional welder in seven months or less. Reading a textbook and learning theory and concepts is important, but hands-on experience can teach you various welding techniques that you can’t learn in a book. Learning the fine points of the best welds can only be achieved by practicing those welds in a live setting. Our experienced, professional instructors will watch as you weld and offer instruction, advice and tips that will help improve your techniques. Our students weld in the shop four days a week and study in the classroom one day a week.


If you need assistance with financing your education, Tulsa Welding School can help you choose a financing plan that works for you. In addition, we can help you find off-campus housing and transportation options to and from school. After you complete the Professional Welder program, our Career Services Department can assist you with resumes and preparations for interviews.

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