Green Jobs Update 2017

green jobs update 2017

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Green jobs are promising career opportunities as you often can build upon your existing skill set and training by obtaining additional expertise in green technology. 1 For example, green energy is a major job creator. By the end of 2016, 2.5 million workers in the U.S. were employed in clean energy positions.  Out of that group, 1.9 million in roles that support energy efficiency, mostly in HVAC. 2 The solar industry is growing as well, this field outpaced overall employment growth by 17 times. One out of every 50 new jobs in this country is in the solar industry. 3

Plenty of skilled trades are incorporating green technology and/or adapting to the demands of the growing green industry. If you are interested in pursuing a job in skilled trades in this booming sector, check out our list of green jobs in 2017 below:


The outlook for electricians in green construction is bright, where they perform installation and maintenance work on buildings’ energy systems. For example, they may install motion sensors that turn lights off automatically when nobody is in the room to save energy. Those who received electrician training that covered solar technology could also install and connect photovoltaic panels. 4

In fact, the solar energy industry is looking for electricians that install, maintain, and connect electrical equipment and wiring in solar power plants as well as in buildings using solar panels. 5 Wind energy is another promising sector where electricians are needed to connect wind turbines to the electrical power grid. 6


Wind energy is a green industry that is hiring qualified individuals with welding training. Using both manual and semiautomatic welding, welders in this sector work on many different metal components. They may, for instance, weld together cylinders of rolled steel that form part of the turbine tower.

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Welders also contribute to other green energy sectors, like bio-diesel energy or sustainable building, where they are needed for maintenance and construction duties. In the solar energy industry demand for welders is needed as photovoltaic cells must be soldered to electric circuits.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC techs are responsible for installing and maintaining an energy-efficient HVAC system. It is also their job to ensure good indoor air quality. If an HVAC unit is broken or leaking, it can become a source of mold. Other elements that pertain to energy efficiency in HVAC systems include heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, rooftop units, chillers, ductwork, and air handlers.

Many employers prefer job candidates with HVAC training as many of the skills are becoming more technical. Furthermore, there is also a need for HVAC professionals who manufacture and sell energy-efficient systems.

If you are entering the skilled trades job market soon, consider a position in the green industry. Green jobs are on the rise and skilled workers who are trained in green technology practices may increase their career options. Whether it is solar energy, wind energy, or energy efficiency, the prospects for trade school graduates in this emerging field are good.

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