Does Dallas Have HVAC Training?

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Do you live in the Dallas Metropolitan Area and are interested in becoming an HVAC technician?

Good news: A path to HVAC training in Dallas is available.

Does Dallas Have HVAC Training?

A great place to get HVAC training is Tulsa Welding School. During our training program, you learn the fundamentals of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technologies (HVAC-R). In addition to classroom theory, you will get plenty of practice working on real HVAC systems with guidance from our HVAC instructors.

The HVAC training programs cover HVAC safety, electrical components, motor controls, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. You will work with dual voltage systems and learn how to control circuit and high-voltage wiring.

How Long Does it Take to Become an HVAC Technician in Dallas?

In as little as 7 months, you can get the HVAC training you need to start working as an apprentice HVAC technician. With some work experience, you will be eligible to become a journeyman HVAC technician.

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Is HVAC Hard to Learn?

Worried that HVAC training may be too hard to learn? HVAC is challenging but it is also a rewarding career. Plus, HVAC is made easier by Tulsa Welding School because of our many benefits. These benefits include:

Industry Experienced Instructors

We only hire industry experienced instructors to teach our HVAC training programs. They have been in your shoes and know what you need to prepare for a career in the HVAC industry. They offer personal attention and support you as you learn your new trade.

Smaller Class Sizes

Rather than getting lost in a large lecture hall, Tulsa Welding School offers smaller class sizes so you can network with instructors and classmates and build life-long relationships. You will gain the HVAC knowledge and skills to start working as an HVAC apprentice with smaller class sizes at Tulsa Welding School.

Plenty of Hands-on Experience

In addition to classroom theory, you will get plenty of hands-on experience in real world situations both in the lab and on job sites. TWS has created workshops that mimic what you will see in the real world and allows you to practice your trade with instructor guidance and support.

Career Services

Tulsa Welding School also offers career services for graduates in the HVAC training program. We have strong ties with HVAC employers in the Dallas community. We help you build a strong resume and prepare for job interviews. Our career services staff also matches you with HVAC opportunities that fit your skill set and passion. If you want to jump start your career, let TWS help.

Where Can I Find an HVAC job in Dallas?

In addition to the career services support offered by TWS, there are many jobs posted to job boards like Google, ZipRecruiter and Indeed. Some of the companies that are currently looking for HVAC technicians include:

Whether you want to work for an HVAC provider or start your own HVAC business, you have options. There are many franchise HVAC companies and individual employers looking to hire HVAC professionals in the Dallas area.

Franchise HVAC Companies

There are a few franchise HVAC companies you can work for or become a franchise owner within the Dallas area. They include One Hour Heat and Air Conditioning, Heating + Air Paramedics, and AirServ.

One Hour Heat and Air Conditioning – a national HVAC provider with franchises in Dallas. As a franchise owner, you can retain 100% business ownership. There are low startup costs, and there is ongoing support for franchise owners.

Heating + Air Paramedics – a fast-growing franchise company that offers franchisees marketing support, territory options, strategic pricing, group buying power and integrated technology.

AirServ – a nationally owned HVAC franchisor since 1992. Opportunities are available for new franchisees and those looking to enhance a current HVAC business in the Dallas area. AirServ has the business opportunities, tools, and personalized guidance for franchisee success.

HVAC Training Classes

Interested in learning more about becoming a HVAC technician? Read about what an HVAC technician does on a daily basis. If you are ready to train as an HVAC technician contact Tulsa Welding School to gain additional information about our HVAC program offering. Contact us today.