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Despite the slowly recovering economy, unemployment and underemployment remain very common problems. Some people will start to consider what the employment outlook is for certain careers. Thankfully, the current job outlook for those graduating from a good welding program is promising.


The median annual wage for a welder currently stands at $40,040; however, experience, field of work and geographical location all have a bearing on how much a welder may earn per year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that job growth for welders is set at 6%, but there are many cities were welders are in much higher demand. In Florida, job growth in the welding industry is even larger at 25%. Texas’ job growth in the welding industry is estimated to be 21% while Oklahoma’s job opportunities for welders will grow by about 11%. This means that those who graduate from a welding school have promising opportunities.


The median annual salary for a trained HVAC technician is $43,640. In, Arizona, HVAC technicians earn a mean annual wage of $47,090. Commercial HVAC technicians and HVAC control technicians tend to earn more per year than other individuals employed in HVAC-related jobs, while information services and aerospace companies are the highest paying industries in the field. The BLS expects job growth in this field to increase by 21%, which is faster than average. However, there are some states with an even faster growth rate. For example, HVAC jobs are slated to grow by 45% in Florida and 43% in Arizona.


The median annual wage for a pipefitter amounts to $50,660. As with other trades, annual salary is dependent on location. Pipefitters have a great deal of job security and often receive benefits from their employers. Knowledge of welding can add to earning potential. Job growth in this field is set at 21% on a national level, but some states offer more job opportunities than the national average. In Arizona, for instance, job growth for plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters is estimated to rise by 46%.


Electricians earn a median annual wage of $50,510. Yet, wages can vary across states. Electricians with a wide variety of skills can access the best job opportunities, both now and in the future. The BLS sets job growth in this field at 20%; however, states with an even higher job growth rate for those with electrician training include Arizona, Florida and Texas.

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If you are interested in a career that offers plenty of job opportunities, a decent income and other benefits, training for a technical career may be right for you. TWS’s vocational programs help you acquire the skills and knowledge needed for any of these promising skilled trade careers. In addition, we also provide financial aid for those who qualify and other student support to make it easy for you to train for the career of your choice.

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