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If you are a person looking for a career in the field of electro-mechanical technologies, there are certain fundamental skills that you need to have in order to be successful. These include skills and knowledge in the areas of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC, solar (which can be obtained through a solar panel installation program), electrical wiring, refrigeration systems and system troubleshooting. Places like HVAC schools and other trade and apprenticeship programs are a place where you can go to acquire these skills. Here is some additional information about the basic skill sets in these 5 areas of electro-mechanical technologies.

HVAC Skills

HVAC skills are those skills required to properly install and maintain an HVAC system. For technicians engaging in this field, the basic skills required include the assembly, connection and insulation of pipes, as well as equipment and system wiring. An HVAC technician needs to understand how to troubleshoot the HVAC mechanical system, read blueprints, and install ductwork.

Solar and Solar Panel Installation Skills

An individual looking to become certified as a solar panel installation professional needs to acquire certain skills as part of the process. A knowledge and understanding of electrical and mechanical systems are a must for anyone looking to develop skills in the installation of solar panels. Many of the skills required for this type of work can be obtained through a solar panel installation program.

Electrical Wiring Skills

Basic electrical wiring skills deemed essential to a person looking to become an electrician include an understanding of circuits and electrical panels. A person must be able to install a circuit panel and electrical conduits for both home and commercial purposes. A knowledge about fixtures, receptacles and switches is necessary as well as the ability to test and repair electrical systems.

Refrigeration Systems Skills

Refrigeration skills include those involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems. A person working with refrigeration systems needs to understand the types of repetitive repair problems that occur in refrigeration equipment. A trained refrigeration technician also needs to understand the piping and duct work involved in refrigeration systems as well as how to navigate and install control boxes and air boxes.

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System Troubleshooting Skills

Troubleshooting skills for any type of system, particularly those involved in electro-mechanical technologies, involve basic problem solving skills. A person engaging in troubleshooting should have a core knowledge of the equipment and system where the problem emanates, how it functions, and how each component within the system works together.

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