5 Tips to Minimize Student Debt

Many see trade school programs such as welder training or plumber training as a promising alternative to university learning because you can acquire job skills that are in high demand, borrow less on student loans, and get a good job more quickly to help repay the student loans. However, students may still accrue debt. However, […]

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How to Find the Right Scholarship

While studying at an accredited trade school normally costs much less than obtaining a degree at a four-year university, the fact is that many students do need financial help in order to complete welding training. Thankfully, there are a number of scholarship options that one can apply for. The following tips can help a people determine which […]

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7 Steps to Make Your Scholarship Application Shine

You’ve graduated from high school, or you’re getting ready to, and you’ve decided to attend a vocational training school that will prepare you for a hands-on career. If you’ve made good grades or need help paying for school, you may be eligible for some scholarships. It’s important to take time and put your best effort […]

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