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According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-2009 Edition under the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for welders are excellent as employers find it hard to find highly trained welders. Three of the most sought-after welding professionals are structural welders, shop welders, and welding inspectors. Tulsa Welding School has programs designed to assist you in striving for these welding careers.

Tulsa Welding School (TWS) trains students in various aspects of welding. TWS began in Tulsa, OK, in 1949 when two welders recognized the need for skilled tradesmen in the welding industry. Since then we have maintained the tradition of training students for a variety of welding careers for 60 years. The original TWS branch is still located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now we have expanded our accredited training facilities to include Jacksonville, Florida.

Structural Welding

Structural welders work outside on buildings, bridges, and ships. Structural welders are exposed to the elements during their work, but construction is usually halted during severe weather.

For those interested in starting a career in structural welding, we have a variety of training programs that can help you reach that goal. Our Professional Welder program and Associate’s degree program also provide training that can prepare you to work as a structural welder.

Professional Welder Training Program

Another common career path for graduates from our welding program is shop welding. Shop welders usually work indoors manufacturing automobiles, airplanes, farm equipment, and other metal products. They also work on the maintenance and repair of these products. Our Professional Welder program can be completed in as few as 7 months, and can prepare you for a career as a shop welder. Additionally, our Associate’s degree program provides welding training that can get you started in shop welding. This is because the Associate’s degree program includes the same courses as the Professional Welder program, plus additional training to help you gain the skills to learn how to become a welding inspector.

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Welding Inspector Associate’s Degree

A certified welding inspector will work indoors or outdoors. It is their job to inspect all work done by welders to determine if the work is done to specifications. If you are interested in this career, our Associate’s of Occupational Studies in Welding Technology program is what you’re looking for. This program can be completed in 14 months, and contains many of the same courses involved in our other welding programs, with additional time spent on inspecting and analyzing welds. (This program only available at our welding inspector school located at the Tulsa, Oklahoma campus.)

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Employers across the south from New Mexico to Georgia have reported difficulty in finding skilled welders. If you’re interested in starting a welding career, contact Tulsa Welding School today! We have locations in Tulsa, OK, and Jacksonville, Fl, but our students come from all over. If you live in the Southern or Central areas of the United States, there is probably a Tulsa Welding School representative in your area. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in Iowa or Alabama, you can get in touch with a representative and find out if Tulsa Welding School is the right choice for you!

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