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Welding is a field which is experiencing a good amount of growth recently. With an increasing number of welders needed to work on projects, there needs to be a greater number of welding inspectors to inspect their work. If you have a great eye for detail and are good at inspecting the work of others, welding inspector training might be for you.

Welding Inspector Responsibilities

Welding inspectors are generally assigned to one project and oversee the project from start to finish. While the project is being worked on, the welding inspector is responsible for inspecting all the welding work that occurs. This means that a typical day as a welding inspector is spent going from point to point at a work site and inspecting work that has been completed.

Because the welding inspector is responsible for the quality of the welding on the whole project, the stability and success of a project is dependent on how well the welding inspector does.

Tools of the Trade for Welding Inspection

Welding inspectors generally use their eyes to determine the strength of a weld. Under certain circumstances, however, inspectors will use other tools. This includes x-rays to view the inside of deep welds. This will help the inspector visualize whether a weld is solid throughout or if there are inconsistencies under the surface. In general though, welding inspectors rely on their eyes and their knowledge of welding to help them determine whether a bond is solid or not.

Since the safety and stability of the project is dependent on this inspection, there is a great deal of responsibility placed on welding inspectors. Working in this capacity entails more responsibilities than working as a welder, but it also offers more benefits. For one, welding inspectors make more money than welders on average. Welding inspectors also work farther up the chain of command, so if you have aspirations of moving up through the ranks of a construction site, becoming a welding inspector might be for you.

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Welding Inspector Training Program

Tulsa Welding School offers a welding inspector training program to prepare you to be a certified welding inspector. The first half of the program is the same as the training for our Professional Welder program. After the first half of the program is completed students move into the phase of the program specifically geared towards welding inspection. During this time students take the Quality Management Techniques course which introduces students to the duties of a welding inspector. After the completion of the course time is spent preparing students to start working in welding quality assurance or as a quality control inspector.

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