Working in the Technical Fields: Myth vs. Fact

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Myth: You have to be big and strong to work in the technical fields.

Fact: While workers have to be physically fit to work in the skilled trades, they do not necessarily have to be muscular. Having a positive attitude and being smart can be even more important and useful on the job site.

Myth: Skilled trades are for people who flunked out of high school.

Fact: Working in the skilled trades does not always require a high-level degree, but the work usually does require strong math and reading skills. Reading blueprints and having good communication skills are other important assets to many technical tradesmen. Also, some states require skilled workers to possess certain certifications or licensure, which often require passing a test.

Myth: Women cannot succeed in the technical fields.

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Fact: It is true that there are fewer women than men currently working in the skilled trades, but that does not mean that women are any less capable or successful than men. In fact, there is widespread support to motivate more women to work in the skilled trades, spurred on by women’s skilled trade associations and even the federal government. It is also predicted that more women will choose to work in the skilled trades as time goes on.

Myth: Skilled trades are dirty work.

Fact: You can expect to sweat a little, but that is the case with any physical activity. Certain types of projects are performed in dirty or dusty environments (an image popularized by Discovery’s Dirty Jobs), but the majority of skilled trades are performed in clean or indoor environments. In fact, cleanliness and organization is often a part of following proper safety procedures.

Myth: Skilled trades are dangerous work.

Fact: Safety is a top priority in skilled trade occupations across the country. Professionals receive thorough vocational training on health and safety procedures, and following these standard practices is shown to deter accidents and injuries.

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