A Day In the Life of a Solar Panel Installer

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A solar panel installer is one of the most versatile jobs in the growing green energy industry. These individuals are well-versed in the technology and fully prepared to install and maintain solar panels in homes, businesses and more. Elements of the job involve knowledge of construction, electrical systems and green technology. To know if solar panel installation training would be a good fit for you, consider the day to day tasks in such a career.


The first daily task is finding clients. Solar panel installers may not always be involved in the selling process, but installers who work for smaller companies may be expected to elicit and complete orders. This is especially important given the high cost associated with the technology. Therefore, installers will often offer consultations to answer questions and make recommendations. Installers should provide price quotes in order to close a sale.


After a client has placed an order, the solar panel installer is responsible for ordering and obtaining the parts. Then, they must properly install the panels. This is often the most technically demanding part of the job. Installers need to have a grasp of electrical systems and basic construction in order to hook up the panels to the building’s electrical system and secure them so that the ultimate result is sound. This will include weatherproofing among other technical tasks.


Although installation is the heart of the job, installers are also responsible for solar panel maintenance and repair. Clients should have their solar panels routinely checked, and the installer should be able to assess the functionality of the system and ensure that it is in peak condition. Installers will also respond to problems noticed by clients, including technical malfunctions, panel damage and lapses in the weatherproofing.

Continuing Education

Because solar technology is an evolving field, solar panel installers should also expect to spend part of their day studying. This may include reading, continuing their vocational education or attending conferences. It is critical to be up to date on the latest breakthroughs in the field and to be versed in the various products available. Installers should also spend time learning about the various rules and regulations governing their work in order to stay in compliance with all local and federal codes.

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Overall, a solar panel installer has an exciting and diverse career. These individuals not only make a difference for their clients but for the planet at large.

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