Green energy is still a growing sector of the energy industry and people with training in solar thermal systems are in demand. Typically, a solar thermal system is designed around water heating. The solar energy heats water and the system stores the water and energy and circulates it properly. These systems can be found in homes, businesses and even in industrial settings. Solar thermal repair technicians can work independently, or they may be a regular contractor for a firm or business.

The Job of a Solar Thermal Repair Technician

The solar thermal repair technician is responsible for evaluating malfunctioning or broken systems to determine the source of the problem and perform repairs. The technician will also maintain systems with annual checks to keep the system running optimally and at peak efficiency. This can include checking for water leaks, finding spots where heat is escaping the system and ensuring that the solar thermal collectors are clean of debris and are functioning properly. It can also include updating systems to comply with new safety regulations or advances in the technology.

Skills and Training

Solar thermal repair requires general construction skills as well as more specific expertise. Those currently employed as construction workers may wish to take classes in solar energy to expand their skill set, but it is also possible for those with no construction experience to get the required training. Individuals interested in a career in solar thermal repair must be comfortable with power tools as well as common computer applications and software platforms.

Job Outlook

The average wage for a solar thermal repair technician is $35,000, and the field is expected to experience average growth of about 10 to 19 percent. Training in the field of solar thermal energy may also open up opportunities in other green energy sectors. For workers that are passionate about new technology, the environment or energy independence in this field offers job satisfaction and steady growth.

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