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For those who love physical work and the opportunity to see the results of their labor, a career in pipefitting may be ideal. Pipefitters are responsible for assembling and repairing pipes of various types and sizes. Installing pipes carrying hot water as well as steams and gases is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Figuring out the proper placement and alignment of pipes within a building can be time-consuming and physically challenging, but is extremely important in making sure commercial and industrial facilities run smoothly.

Pipefitting Careers

Pipefitters can be found in various industries throughout the country, but are particularly important in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas companies use pipefitters for a variety of tasks, but perhaps the most important one is making sure their pipelines run smoothly without any leaks or breaks. Whether it’s an offshore facility in the middle of an ocean or a natural gas pipeline on dry land, the job of a pipefitter is to ensure the layout of the pipeline is compatible with the demands placed upon it. Because pipelines may be laid out across such varying terrain as mountains, deserts and ocean floors, pipefitters must possess the knowledge needed to make the correct decisions regarding layout and repair.

Pipefitting Training

Attending a pipefitting school is the usual method most pipefitters acquire their training. While in high school, those interested in the field should take vocational education classes in welding, machine shop, drafting and other related areas of study. Upon graduation, enrolling in a pipefitting school allows a person to further their studies in the specifics of pipefitting. Most schools teach classes in technical math, architectural drawing, blueprint reading and more. Many schools offer courses in OSHA training as well as industrial safety classes. These classes teach students how to work with hazardous waste materials and how to safely perform their work in confined areas.

Labor Unions

Many pipefitters and pipefitting students join their local labor unions. Doing so enables them to take advantage of additional training courses and have access to others working in the field. Labor unions offer their members the chance to learn from those more experienced, allowing knowledge gained from years of experience in different work environments to be passed on to those just beginning their careers.

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