Your Vote Matters

Updated: 10/17/2022

Vote to have a real-world impact on what happens in your city, state and country. Keep reading to find out how to vote and have a say in democracy.

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Section 1

How Do I Register to Vote?

Different states have different ways to register, but you should be able to register either online or in person. Check the links below to learn more about how to register to vote in Oklahoma, Florida or Texas:

You can also learn how to register to vote online, by mail or in person from the below video:

Section 2

Where Can I Vote?

Finding your polling place is simple. You can find locations for where to vote online.

Voting by mail is also possible, but under certain conditions. Please read your states’ requirements for requesting an absentee ballot:

Section 3

Check Your Registration Status

You registered to vote, but did you do it the right way? Make sure you’re registered:

You can learn more about checking your voter registration status in the video:

Section 4

How to Vote in Person the Right Way

Bring a valid form of identification. A driver’s license is an acceptable form of identification in Oklahoma, Texas and Florida, but you might have other options for voter ID as well.

Different states have different requirements for voter ID.


Bring Your Vote and Nothing Else

No political material can be present within 100 feet of a polling place. Leave the shirts, hats, buttons, and signs at home before you get to your polling place.

No Phones, Only Votes

Phones and recording devices are not allowed in any polling places.

Get a Sample Ballot Before Voting

You can make voting decisions in advance with a sample ballot. Find yours:

Section 5

Voting Options for Armed Forces and Oversea Citizens

Wherever you are, if you are a United States citizen, you have options for voting even if you’re out of the country. The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) multiple resources for military voters and overseas citizens voters:

Section 6

How Do I Become a Poll Worker?

Poll workers are individuals who oversee polling places and help preserve the integrity and security of elections. If you’re passionate about democracy and exercising the right to vote, consider becoming a poll worker.

Find out how to become a poll worker.


Start the registration process using one of the buttons below or check your registration status at