The Irving Rambler Features TWS Dallas Metro

Our newest campus has been featured in the Irving Rambler! Find out more about the TWS Dallas Metro campus by clicking the button below. Read more Interested in enrolling at our TWS Dallas Metro campus? Contact us today!

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Electrical Technologies at TWS Dallas Metro

Tulsa Welding School Dallas Metro has launched a new Electrical Technologies program! Learn more about our push to help the world turn electric by clicking the button below. Read the full article Looking to train in Electrical Technologies in Dallas? Click here!

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Tulsa Welding School Dallas Metro Is Open!

The news is out – Tulsa Welding School Dallas Metro is here! We have opened our second Texas location just outside of Dallas. Learn more about Tulsa Welding School’s fourth location by clicking the link below. Read the full article Looking to train in the skilled trades in Dallas? Click here!

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Tulsa Welding School Announces Launch of Top Welder Season 4

top welder season 4

The launch of Top Welder Season 4 was announced on The Welder/The Fabricator. Hosted by Legendary Bull Rider Dale Brisby, Season 4 features 4 social media welding influencers teaming up with 4 welding instructors from Tulsa Welding School in Tulsa, Jacksonville, and Houston, as well as RSI in Phoenix, for the ultimate title of Top Welder! […]

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Tulsa Campus President Shalisa Powell and TWS Graduate Interviewed about Women in the Skilled Trades

March is Women’s History Month. As more women continue to enter skilled trades industries and find amazing opportunities employment, it’s important to continue to empower women to find career opportunities in the welding, HVAC/R, and electrical industries. TWS graduate Celia Reyes is passionate about growing the number of women and Black skilled trades professionals. Read […]

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TWS Jacksonville President Michael Cole Talks About Leadership on I Want a Buzz


What are the qualities of a great leader? What does success mean to you? How do you accomplish your goals? These are some of the questions that Michael Cole, President of Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville, answered during his appearance on “From the Horse’s Mouth” with Tom McManus on I Want a Buzz. Money? Prestige? Michael […]

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Tulsa Welding School’s Quarter 4 Newsletter


Our CEO’s Corner This time of the year is always my favorite. A time to reflect on the past year, to celebrate accomplishments, to learn from our mistakes and to set personal and professional goals for the new year ahead. It is also a time to pause and reflect on what we are thankful for […]

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Tulaa Welding School’s Virtual Reality Technology Gets Highlighted in CBS Tulsa


Caring for student success can only happen when students are equipped with the skills they need. At Tulsa Welding School, we are incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology into our training programs. Our VR technology enables our welding, HVAC/R, and electrical students to practice anywhere at anytime without having to use physical tools or work in […]

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3 Electrician Conferences in 2021

electrician conference 2021 Attending a conference can be a great way to network, learn about new developments in the electrical industry, expand your mind and meet likeminded people.1 Electricians in particular may wish to attend trade shows and industry conferences to stay current and informed about the things that matter most to their career, like laws, continuing education […] Read More

How to Celebrate Military Appreciation Month in 2021

us military saluting the flag

Even if you’re not a veteran, there’s a good chance somebody in your family, your group of friends or your welding classes has spent some time in the Armed Forces. About 7% of the American adult population were veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces in 2018, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.‌1‌ Out of appreciation […]

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Where to Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month 2019

us soldier saluting flag

It’s that time of year again: National Military Appreciation Month. Throughout the month of May, holidays and celebrations will honor the contributions of our armed forces to the country. How can you take part in the festivities while studying at one of Tulsa Welding School’s three campuses? Get important dates in May and a list […]

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Welding Conferences Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

networking at a welding trade show Beyond learning core welding processes and techniques in the wide world of welding, where can you catch the latest industry trends, meet new friends in the field and make important professional connections? Welding conferences. Check out what’s in store for this fall and spring on the welding conference circuit. Welding Conferences in Fall 2018 METALCON […] Read More

Post Hurricane Harvey Impact on Trade Careers

hurricane harvey texas

Hurricane Harvey caused major devastation in Texas in September of 2017. The natural disaster destroyed buildings and infrastructure while oil refineries and pump systems had to be shut down. 1 Repairing and rebuilding damaged structures can take months, and plenty of skilled trade workers working to get this done. Oil and Gas The energy sector […]

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What Is National Military Appreciation Month?

National Military Appreciaiton Month

The U.S. Armed Forces have shaped our nation’s history and continue to protect its people and values. In recognition and appreciation of this great service to the country, Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM). Throughout the month, a series of events honor the men and women serving in the military, veterans, and […]

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Hiring Event May 2-4

  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday May /2nd, 3rd, & 4th/2017 Will Be Here to Interview and Weld Test for 10 to 15 Welder Positions!!!!!! Available to Phase 9, 10 & Graduates   INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING RESUMES TO PECOFACET Visit Select “Careers” located to the right of the company logo. Click on “Search Open Jobs”. In […]

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Manufacturing Day 2017

manufacturing day 2016

Every October, manufacturers highlight the work they do and expose thousands of Americans get the chance to consider new career opportunities the industry. This day, which became a national holiday of sorts (sorry no day off), is called Manufacturing Day. What is National Manufacturing Day? President Barack Obama officially declared National Manufacturing Day in 2014, citing an urgent […]

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Welding Conferences and Why You Should Attend

welding conferences

The welding industry is quickly evolving. If you want to keep up with the latest industry developments, you should consider attending a welding conference. Professional welding conferences offer numerous other benefits for welding professionals – whether seasoned industry experts or recent graduates of a welding program. Why Attend a Welding Conference? Learn about industry trends: […]

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Expanded Skilled Trades Offerings at TWS: TWS Jacksonville Announces New Electrical Applications Program

Jacksonville, Fla. (6/5/2015) —Tulsa Welding School (TWS) has recently added an Electrical Applications program to its Jacksonville campus. For over 60 years, TWS has trained its students for careers in the skilled trades. TWS Jacksonville decided to add the Electrical Applications program to meet the increasing demand for electricians across the country and in Florida. […]

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Most Impressive Construction Projects Worldwide of 2014

skilled construction training

While the construction industry is a popular destination for Tulsa Welding School training program graduates, most probably associate construction work with simply erecting commercial buildings or residential homes. Yet, the construction sector also produces the worlds’ most technologically and architecturally advanced structures. According to the Engineering News-Record, 20 construction projects worldwide qualify for the 2014 Global […]

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