I’m grateful for the income I’ve been able to provide for my family. My career goes with me wherever I want to go. I can get a job anywhere.


Women in Welding

In 2019, a Bureau of Labor Statistics study identified that women made up only 5% of the welding workforcei. With these same studies showing the demand for welders increasing by 3% through 2028ii and a shortage of skilled workers, there is no better time to pursue a welding career, particularly for women!

By being trained as a skilled professional welder, you’ll have career opportunities nationwide, and even worldwide. That means almost anywhere you want to go, welding can take you there.


Women in Skilled Trades Scholarship

Tulsa Welding School is committed to helping you get started, which is why we also created the ‘Women in Skilled Trades Scholarship’ that awards up to $3,000 for qualifying candidates.iii

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