What is Virtual Reality Training in Trades?

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Did you know that the Welding program at Tulsa Welding School offers virtual reality training? That’s right. You can use the Oculus headset to play “The Climb” and then turn around and learn how to weld. Tulsa Welding School uses OcuWeld to help you learn how to weld in a safe environment. Plus, you can access OcuWeld with or without WIFI. It enables you to practice your welding skills, and the Oculus Quest 2 is yours to keep.

What is Virtual Reality Training?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an advanced technology that provides realistic imagery by interacting through your senses. VR headsets offer a fully immersive, safe, and interactive environment to supplement classroom theory and real-world welding training. VR training bridges the gap between the classroom and the workshop. It allows you to put your skills to the test in a safe environment.

Why Virtual Reality Training?

OcuWeld engages you with the ideal blend of gamification and education. You will enjoy learning in a fun, highly interactive, dynamic environment mimicking real-world welding applications.

  • It makes learning fun and interactive
  • Creates an interest in learning for non-traditional students
  • It allows learners to see real-world applications
  • Offers real-time feedback

In addition to those key points, virtual reality has many other benefits. They include:

No Safety Concerns

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VR can be much safer than in-field training, especially with welding. You won’t have to wear protective gear or worry about torch management. You can learn from your mistakes and not cause a catastrophic event because everything is simulated in virtual reality.

More Time Efficient

You can work with VR training anytime and anywhere. Whether in class under supervision by the instructor or in the comfort of your home, complete a quick lesson in welding between dinner and The Masked Singer.

Less Expensive

Virtual reality training can be cheaper, even with the cost of a VR training headset and software. The cost of expensive welding equipment, safety gear, and welding materials is replaced by a headset and simulated welding torch.

Enhances Practical Skills

VR training offers immersive and hands-on training that may be difficult or risky in real life. Virtual reality provides instant feedback, allowing instructors to review your performance and offer criticism for better welding techniques.

Engages Students

You may be familiar with video games; virtual reality can make learning welding fun. VR can help create curiosity and creativity while offering practical training.

Helps Evaluate Students

Virtual reality training allows you and your instructor to collect and analyze data based on your actions, response times, and welding results. VR can help measure your accuracy, speed, and quality.

How is VR Training used in the Trade Profession?

Tulsa Welding School’s virtual reality training, powered by ForgeFX, is expanding access for its students in conjunction with Meta. TWS uses high-fidelity 3D graphics for a custom virtual welding training simulation.

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