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Florida is a state with year-round cooling days, ensuring that HVAC services receive year-round traffic and demand. The high degree of humidity also makes moisture removal an important component of both residential and commercial buildings. Many people choose to relocate their families to Florida to take advantage of the climate. Fortunately, this constant migration also provides a steady stream of new clientele.

Air Conditioning Opportunities in Florida
The hot and humid state relies on air conditioning and cooling units. After the introduction of air conditioning in the area in the 60’s, Florida’s population started booming. Before, only special buildings like hotels, movie theaters, and major office buildings were able to afford expensive air conditioning installations. However, after window units and central cooling were popularized in American homes, instead of living in constant sweat, residents could go from their air conditioned homes to their air conditioned offices and stay cool despite the heat. Florida’s sunny weather makes it great for enjoying the outdoors, but people like the ability to retreat into a cooler area. Because homeowners and businesses are so dependent on their air conditioning to maintain a comfortable, livable climate, maintaining air conditioning and HVAC units becomes even more critical. If an air conditioning unit stops functioning, homeowners are desperate to solve the problem immediately, especially in the late spring through early fall when more extreme heat and humidity are present.

Humidity Control for Jacksonville HVAC Technicians
Many homes across the country have heaters and air conditioners, but steamy areas like Jacksonville have another major climatic condition to consider: humidity. Humidity in a home will make the indoor environment feel very different. Generally, temperatures will feel warmer than they are, leading some homeowners to believe their air conditioning units are not working as effectively. With energy efficient windows and doors, it is also unlikely that the humidity will have much of a chance to circulate out, giving homes a stuffy feeling. It can even lead to water damage if it goes unchecked. Fortunately, this is another area where HVAC technicians can help control humidity levels through fans, dehumidifiers, and other humidity control solutions.

HVAC is a strong industry in Florida, and you can start training for a career as a Jacksonville HVAC technician today through Tulsa Welding School. Individuals can enroll in HVAC courses and start preparing for an entry-level position in the HVAC industry. For more information about our HVAC training program, contact a TWS Admissions Representative.

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