10 Reasons to Start a Career in HVAC

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Are you looking for a new career? A great career field to consider getting into is the HVAC industry. With over 60 different HVAC job options, it is a diverse and growing industry. Here are ten reasons why now is a great time to get started with your career in HVAC.

Growing Industry

The demand for HVAC professionals translates into a steady, reliable job. Both old houses and new houses need work from HVAC professionals to continue keeping homes properly heated and cooled.


Another reason why the HVAC industry is attractive is its pay scale. It is a challenging industry, but the pay for different specialties can be substantial. Attend HVAC training to learn more about the different fields and relative salaries.

Unique Skills

Since there are over 60 different skill areas in HVACR, an individual can learn to specialize in a number of niche markets. Learning unique skills will increase an HVACR technician’s employability.

Recession Resistant

No matter what, people will always need help to maintain their home and office heating and cooling systems. This makes the HVAC industry one of the industries affected least by the economic recession.

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Career Stability

The evolution of technology provides room for growth with the HVAC industry. There will always be new technologies created to conserve energy, which shows there will always be growth for the installation of HVAC systems.

Job Opportunities

With older HVAC experts retiring, the job market is open to incoming HVAC professionals. After attending an HVACR program, an individual will learn modern skills that focus on the use of computers and electronic tools.

Challenging Work

This industry is great for individuals seeking a challenge. From a routine call to service an HVAC system to the creation of a new energy-efficient unit, HVAC experts have numerous opportunities to use their skills in a variety of ways.

Never a Dull Moment

Individuals that do not like desk jobs will appreciate the HVAC industry. This industry allows a person to get out of the office to go on service calls and maintenance runs. No two days are alike, keeping the life of an HVACR technician very exciting.

Year-Round Work

The HVAC industry is one that doesn’t have strictly seasonal work. Months with more extreme weather have some higher traffic as people are pressed to finally fix broken systems, but maintenance in preparation for extreme temperature changes occurs throughout the year. As long as the heat and the cold change throughout the year, people will need technicians to service their HVAC system.

Work in the Residential or Commercial Sectors

Not only do individuals in the HVAC field have demand for work from residential customers, they provide services to commercial properties as well, including restaurants, schools, offices, and more. This creates more opportunities for HVACR technicians, allowing them to find employment from a number of sources.

For more information about training in an HVACR program in Houston, TX or Jacksonville, FL, contact a Tulsa Welding School Admissions Representative.

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