How Much Does Welding School Cost?

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Have you considered welding for a career, but wonder how much welding school costs? It can be a more affordable option than traditional study paths like university. Here are some factors to consider when calculating the total cost of going to school.

Welding School Cost Factors


One benefit of welding training is that it’s often less expensive and take less time to complete than college. While exact costs naturally vary depending on your geographic location, chosen field of study, and the educational institution, you can graduate welding school with less student debt than college. Shorter term programs have an advantage as students can enter the workforce faster and start paying off loans faster. 1

Housing/Living Expenses

Housing and other living expenses vary depending on your personal situation. Many schools, like Tulsa Welding School, understands  additional expenses students incur and works with specialty realtors to help students get short term housing. Depending on your financial situation, you may want to consider taking a part-time job to help cover costs.

Textbooks and Equipment

Textbooks and equipment will add to the cost of your education. Doing a little research can help.  Does the school you are considering have additional fees for textbooks, (labs if applicable), and equipment, or are they included in the tuition? To lower expenses, find out if there are any less expensive options like buying used if possible.

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Offsetting Costs with Financial Aid and Scholarships

If you don’t have the money you need to study welding, don’t panic! There are plenty of scholarship, grant, and financial aid options available that can help to cover a significant portion of your expenses. You can apply for Federal Pell Grants, SEOG grants, and FAFSA.

Requirements vary depending on which type of funding you apply for. Just be sure to check the eligibility criteria carefully and to send a completed application and other paperwork in on time. You can apply for multiple types of funding simultaneously, and many organizations accept more than one application from the same person, enabling you to seek repeated funding if need be.

It’s Your Choice

When considering enrolling in Welding school as opposed to a community college or four year university, there are many factors to consider. At the top of many people’s list are costs and potential return on investment. Just like other programs, it is wise for potential students to research all costs regarding their programs in order to make the best decision. Welding school can help you learn the skills to be successful in this line of work and, fortunately, it is likely within your financial reach.

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