Where Can You Find the Work of Welders?

Welding has many applications in many different fields. For thousands of years, metals have been joined together to create basic structures and tools. In the 21st century, where some machines are smaller than the size of a fingertip, welding work may look different, but the basic principles are the same, whether welding a bridge or a small piece of electronic equipment.

Welding Found in Many Industries

When someone thinks of “welding” they may initially jump to bridge workers, the construction of large buildings, pipeline work or oil rig work. They may assume welders work in rail yards or shipyards. This is true. But welders can also be found joining metal for the automotive industry and the electronics industry, as well. As technology evolves, so does the work of a welder.

The same principles that apply to welding in industry also apply to welding in the Armed Forces. The US Military employs welders in the field to build and repair their infrastructure and machinery of all sizes. Many welders in the Armed Forces pursue welding careers when they leave the service and look for a civilian career.

The art world is a somewhat nontraditional arena to find welding. Welders are often creative and expressive people, and they choose to utilize their skill to create works of art of all sizes. Some artistic welders started off as career welders, while other pursue welding strictly as a hobby.

Welding is a Skilled Trade

Whether pursuing welding for business or pleasure, welding is a skilled trade that requires vocational training, including studying under the supervision of experienced and trained instructors. If welding interests you and you are looking for more information on how to study welding, contact Tulsa Welding School today!

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