Welding Experience Helps Eliminate Beginner’s Mistake

Gaining Welding Experience Helps Eliminate Beginner’s Mistakes

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Welding is a nuanced and complex art. But every welder starts somewhere. In this article we will address some common mistakes for beginning welders. Welding is all about experience and by working on welding you are less likely to make these common mistakes.

As a beginning welder, it almost certain you will be doing electrical arc welding. Arc welding is the most common method of welding because it is quick and the equipment, supplies, and operating costs are very reasonable.

Properly Clean and Prep Your Materials

One of the most common mistakes made by welding materials is also the easiest to rectify, that is, attempting to weld materials that have not been properly cleaned and prepared. Any foreign matter that is allowed to get into the bead, whether rust, dirt, slag, etc, will not bond with the metal around it and will weaken the weld. Always use a wire-wheel or grinder to prep the metal at the points where the weld will be applied first.

Strike the Arc Right

ALWAYS strike the arc where the weld is going to begin or at the end of an existing bead. This practice is vital for welding safety, and may mean the difference between keeping and losing your welding job. Set yourself on a firm foundation, get as comfortable as possible, put the rod next to the point where you plan to strike the arc, nod your head to lower your hood (don’t get into the habit of using a hand), and then get to work.

While we are on the subject, relax. It is nearly impossible to make a steady bead with a death grip on the rod holder, and the effort of doing so will wear you out. It’s all in the wrist, and without a relaxed grip, you aren’t going to get a good weld.

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Gauge the Correct Speed

You must learn to gauge the proper welding speed for the thickness of material you are joining, and keep it up consistently. There is no “trick” or magic bullet for this one, it is simply a matter of experience and practice, practice, and more practice.

Getting the Lab Time You Need at Tulsa Welding School

Experience is key in welding, and Tulsa Welding School’s welding programs focus on getting students experience to help them get past these early jitters. If you’re interested in learning welding at Tulsa Welding School, contact us today!

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